Summer Academy

 June 20-July 15, 2022

Applicable Grades: 7-12. Residential or day camp available for boys.

Boarding School Cost: $3,950 
Day Student Cost: $950

MMA’s Summer Academy has two tracks – the Middle School Program (grades 7-8) and the High School Program (grades 9-12) – each designed to simultaneously challenge students academically and physically so they may hone their academic abilities and learn good studying practices while building their confidence and improving their self-esteem by expanding on their range of life experiences.

High School Program 

Designed specifically for high school students wishing to makeup a course or take an enrichment course in a certain subject. MMA’s for-credit academic camp allows students to earn up to two credits* while simultaneously honing their subject knowledge and study skills. Courses are small and guided study halls take place nearly every evening, which enables teachers to work closely with each student, maximizing their educational experience. 

Students may take 2 recovery classes for 1 credit each or one enrichment class for 1 credit, due to seat time requirements. 

Available course list coming soon.

Middle School Program 

This integrated approach to education covers key academic skills and knowledge in math, science, and reading. Students are taught using the best methods for middle school-aged students, engaging them in hands-on, interactive projects throughout the day.

In the evening, a guided study hall is conducted under the supervision of a teacher who can also assist students with their work.

For both middle and high school students, afternoons and weekends offer opportunities for them to relax and participate in activities that reinforce their confidence and academic focus. MMA aims to create an environment where students build not only academic skills, but friendships and self-confidence as well. 

Some recreational activities may include soccer, horseback riding, swimming, field trips, paintball, basketball, physical fitness, flag football, tennis and more. 

“[My son] thrived at MMA academically and socially. He’s proud of his accomplishments.  We hope to get to send him again.” — 2020 Summer Camp Parent

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For more information, contact admissions at or at 573-581-1776.

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