Summer Storage at MMA

Non-clothing items will be stored in facilities made available in each residence hall at no cost. Uniform items can be stored in secure facilities in Barnard Hall where they will be protected in a thermostatic controlled environment to help prevent mold and mildew. This service will require a $50 fee.

Clothing bags will be available for purchase through the cadet store on campus for $5 each. All boxes and clothing bags must be marked with the cadet's name and company on the outside.  

Personal property left at school that is not in summer storage will be disposed of after three weeks unless we receive written instructions as to disposition. 
Items shipped home must be prepaid to the shipper. Keepsakes such as rings, watches, special collections or other articles of real or sentimental value should not be brought to school or left in storage. Cadets are responsible for the security of their personal items.

If you have any questions, please contact the commandants office at 573-581-1776, ext. 521 or via email at