Senior Information

Senior Slideshow Photos

As part of the Class of 2024 celebration, MMA will prepare a special photo slideshow for seniors to showcase their time at MMA and how much they’ve grown. For reference, see last year's senior slideshow below. 

Please send 3-5 photos of your cadet for the slideshow by Friday, April 19 (Spring Family Weekend). Photos should be sent directly to Creative Marketing Photographer Matt Jackson via email at When sending photos, please include your cadet's first and last name in the email.

Please send any or all of the following photos —

  • baby and/or toddler photo

  • favorite childhood photo

  • photo of the first day your cadet arrived at MMA

  • favorite photo from your cadet's days at MMA

Class Rings

If you haven’t already ordered your cadet a class ring, but would like to, please click here to place your order online. Families can make a $100 deposit to secure the ring, but the ring must be paid in full to receive it. For your cadet to receive his class ring by graduation, orders must've been placed by March 15. Orders placed after March 15 will arrive after graduation. 

Class rings are worn by senior cadets and alumni to commemorate and celebrate their friends, memories and achievements in high school. For your senior, this is especially important because the friends he has made have become brothers, and the memories they have made go beyond the classroom and into the moments that transformed them from boys to men. His achievements are far greater than what a traditional student attains, as his achievements are met at a military standard. Learn more about MMA's senior class rings here.

Request Documents & Settle Accounts

Final official transcripts for all seniors will be sent to colleges in early June. You need not request this.

Cadets who are attending an international college may need to order an apostille transcript and diploma. Colleges and universities in Mexico do require an apostille. An apostille is an official legal document from the Missouri Secretary of State's Office that is attached to your final transcript/diploma and certifies it for use in other countries. To order an apostille transcript and diploma and pay the associated fees, complete this form on the Registrar section of our website. All apostille transcript orders will be processed in early June. It can take 4 to 6 weeks to receive an apostille. Please do not wait until August to order.

Cadets who took dual credit college classes with William Woods University must request a transcript directly from WWU. Only their high school credit for the WWU classes is included on their MMA final transcript. Click here for more information about how to request your transcript from William Woods. 

Please be sure to settle your accounts with MMA. Unfortunately, cadets will be unable to participate in the commencement ceremony, receive a diploma or a transcript unless their account is paid in full. 

Personal Belongings & Medication

Your cadet needs to take everything home once he graduates. If you will need to ship his belongings home, cadets must box their own belongings and take them to the Quartermaster with an address and phone number. SOS (our third party shipper) will coordinate with families directly for payment. If shipping internationally, payment must be completed prior to the final billing cycle.

If you are picking your cadet up from campus and taking his personal belongings with you, please plan to pick his things up from Centennial Gymtorium.

All items left at MMA for more than three weeks with no contact or plan will be considered abandoned and will be donated or discarded as appropriate.

If your cadet takes medication at MMA, you must complete the Medication Furlough Form to inform the clinic how you would like your cadet's medication returned to him. 

Medication can be returned via on-campus pickup, self-transport by cadets 18 or older, cadet transport with parent authorization for those under 18, or mail delivery (includes shipping cost).

Unclaimed medication will be destroyed after 30 days. 

Yearbook Ads

Yearbook recognition ads — which include photos, captions and personal messages — are a great way for families to commemorate their cadet's achievements and important milestones. If you would like to order an ad for your cadet in the 2023-24 yearbook, please follow the instructions below. Ad orders are due no later than May 9.

Yearbook Ad Instructions

  1. Click here to go to Jostens yearbook ad center.
  2. Click "Get Started" and enter MMA's information into the "Find My School/Group" form. 
  3. Sign into your Jostens account. If you don't have one, you'll need to create one. 
  4. Once logged in, please click on "Shop my School" in the top left corner. You will then be able to select "Yearbook Recognition Ads." 
  5. From here, you will be taken to the creation center. Please enter your cadet's name, select your desired ad size, and begin creating your ad. 
  6. Place your order and make your payment. Please note, a credit card installment plan through Jostens is available for orders of $30 or more.

MMA Alumni Association Membership Plus Package

A gift to the current graduating class from the Alumni Association, the 5-year Graduating Class Alumni Association Membership Plus Package helps our newest graduates to connect with their MMA Brothers from across the decades and around the world, including networking at Homecoming each year for five years, at a great value.

For only $100, the Graduating Class Membership Plus Package includes the following — for the next five years:

  • Alumni Association dues

  • Homecoming golf tournament registration

  • Homecoming annual meeting ticket

  • Donor and Awards Banquet ticket

  • Homecoming Sunday Farewell Breakfast ticket

This package is only offered to the current graduating class.

Click here to purchase the MMA Alumni Association Membership Plus Package for your cadet. 

Senior Walk Brick

Memorialize your cadet's time at MMA with a personalized brick on the historic Senior Walk. An excellent way to claim a piece of MMA's legacy, your cadet's name and year will be inscribed on a brick and placed in the Senior Walk on the front campus of MMA. Bricks usually cost $250, but are on sale for $200 for senior cadets until May 31.

Click here to order your cadet's senior walk brick. 

Proud Family Yard Sign

Show your MMA pride in your front yard! Secure your sign for just $20 each.

By ordering a sign, you not only celebrate your son's achievements but also contribute to a meaningful cause – all proceeds from sign sales go directly to the 1889 Scholarship Fund. Click here to order your sign.

MMA Letter Jacket

A token of his accomplishments and memories at MMA, the MMA letter jacket is adorned with his name and patches that are individually significant to him — the perfect memento and graduation gift. 

Please contact Quartermasters James Poettker '08 or Leslie Dickherber to order your cadet’s jacket. You can reach them by phone at 573.581.1776 ext. 325 or via email.