Re-Enrollment Information

A cadet’s full maturation and transformation at MMA is a cumulative process. As MMA parents, you have witnessed your cadet's growth each semester, knowing that their growth continues with the military educational model at MMA. 

To enable us to properly prepare for the fall semester, MMA needs confirmation regarding your cadet’s return. This is extremely important in providing the best possible educational environment for your cadet, managing our resources, and moving forward with our strategic plan. 

With confirmation of a cadet’s return in the fall, the academic division is able to prepare the most effective individualized plan, and schedule courses to support their academic success. Your confirmation also allows MMA to coordinate with our academic partners, such as William Woods University regarding our dual-credit Triumph Program, Presser Performing Arts Center for acting and stagecraft lessons, and Hart Career Center for career and technical programs. Likewise, the athletic department is able to more effectively prepare for their fall competitive seasons, finalize schedules and upgrade athletic equipment. Additionally, our commandant’s staff is able to confidently select, begin working with, and train our newly designated cadet leaders. 

Please send in your registration forms. You should have already received an email from DocuSign containing a link to the registration forms. 

If you have not received your forms, or if you have any questions, please contact Director of Enrollment Management LTC Greg Seibert at 573-581-1776 ext. 323 or via email at