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End of Year Information for Senior Families (05.03.2021)

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International Cadet Vaccinations (04.22.2021)

Administrative Professionals' Day (04.21.2021)

Maroon & Gold Auction Update (04.21.2021)

Message from the President about Commencement (04.16.2021)

College Planning for Juniors (04.16.2021)

End-of-Year Furlough Form (04.13.2021)

MMA Welcomes New Vice President for Advancement (04.10.2021)

Update from the Commandant (04.10.2021)

Leadership Designations for 2021-22 (04.09.2021)

Information for Senior Families (04.09.2021)

Maroon & Gold Donations (04.02.2021)

March 2021 Parent Newsletter (03.31.2021)

Spring 2021 Eagle Magazine (03.29.2021)

Class Registration for 2021-22 (03.26.2021)

Message from President concerning return from spring furlough (03.26.21)

Class of 2021 Yard Sign (03.19.2021)

Re-enrollment Message from the President (03.17.2021)

Watch Passing Through Ceremony and Military Review Videos (03.06.2021) 

Weekend Plan (03.04.2021)

Blue Springs Drill Competition Information (03.03.2021)

Update from the President (03.03.21)

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Sectional Wrestling Tournament (02.23.21)

Schedule Your Parent-Teacher Conference (02.23.21)

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Junior College Placement Update (02.19.21)

Spring Furlough Medication Form (02.19.21)

Virtual College Fairs Opportunity (02.17.21)

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Wrestling District Game: Tickets and viewing information (02.11.21)

MMA Vehicle Accident (02.07.21)

Message from the President (02.02.21)

Spring Furlough Travel Form (01.30.2021)

Send your cadet a Valentine video message (01.27.2021)

Basketball Postponements (01.26.2021)

MMA 101 Zoom Meeting with Parent Committee Leader Erin Schreyer (01.24.2021)

Zoom Q&A with the President (01.21.2021)

QM Sale Online (01.21.2021)

Message from the President (01.19.2021)

What's happening this weekend at MMA (01.14.2021)

MMA Mom's Sale (01.12.2021)

Waynesville Fusileer Competition (1.11.2021)

Weekend Activities (1.8.2021)

Update from Commandant Grabowski (01.07.2021)

COVID Update from President Geraci (01.06.2021)

Message for new families — What to expect the first week, plus video — how to support your son's transition to MMA (01.05.2021)

Message from Commandant Grabowski to cadets with guidance for returning from winter furlough (12.30.2020)

Instructions for return from winter furlough (12.29.2020) 

Top 10 #MMAproud Moments of 2020 (12.28.2020)

Passing of Keith Batsell (12.23.2020)

Happy Holidays (12.23.2020)

Parent Newsletter (12.21.2020)

Tax Deduction Opportunity for Your Support (12.19.2020)

Virtual ACT School Code (12.17.2020)

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MMA Gift Ideas for Your Cadet (12.16.2020)

Virtual ACT Opportunity (12.15.2020)

COVID Update from the President (12.11.2020)

Giving Tuesday results (12.11.2020)

Video from Dr. Victoria Snider (12.05.2020)

Winter Furlough Packing Boxes (12.05.2020)

COVID Update from the President (12.04.2020)

Evensong Invite (12.04.2020)

Basketball Tickets (12.02.2020)

Update from President Geraci (12.2.20)

COVID Update from President Geraci (11.30.2020)

Parent Newsletter (11.30.2020)

COVID Update from the Commandant (11.29.2020)

Sign your cadet up for ACT Prep Boot Camp at MMA (11.29.2020)

Happy Thanksgiving from MMA (11.26.2020)

Giving Tuesday message from President Geraci (11.25.2020)

Addressing Packages to Cadets (11.23.2020)

Cadet School Photos (11.20.2020)

College Placement Update (11.20.2020)

Winter Furlough Medication Plans 2020 (11.19.2020)

Commandant Q&A, plus Thanksgiving activities for cadets (11.18.2020)

Fall Sports Banquet Information (11.14.2020)

Resources to Stay Connected with MMA (11.13.2020)

Spring Semester 2021 Calendar (11.12.2020)

COVID Update — Cadets released from quarantine (11.10.2020)

Veterans Day Invite (11.09.2020)

New Cadet Videos (11.06.2020)

CLA Contact Information Reminder (11.05.2020)

Winter Furlough Form Reminder (11.04.2020)

COVID Update from the Commandant (11.2.20)

District Soccer Game (10.30.2020)

Parent Newsletter (10.30.2020)

College & Careers Webpages (10.29.2020)

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Message from President Geraci (10.28.2020)

District Football Game (10.28.2020)

Halloween Party (10.27.2020)

Fall Family Weekend Videos (10.19.2020)

Senior Night Information (10.16.2020)

Fall Family Weekend Schedule (10.14.2020)

Receiving voicemails from the Academy (10.12.2020)

A message from the President (10.12.2020)

Revised Winter Furlough Form (10.11.2020)

Parent-Teacher Conferences (10.09.2020)

A message from the President (10.07.2020)

College Financial Aid Letter from William Roundey (10.07.2020)

Senior Night Video Request (10.06.2020)

A message from the President about Thanksgiving and winter furloughs (10.03.2020)

Parent-Teacher Conferences (10.02.2020)

Athletic Announcement (10.01.2020)

American Red Cross Lifeguarding Course (10.01.2020)

Parent Newsletter (09.31.2020)

A message about your September financial statement (09.29.2020)

A Message from the Commandant (09.28.2020)

Echo Barracks (Delta Company) Phone Number Update (09.28.2020)

Crucible for New Parents (09.24.2020)

Naviance (09.23.2020)

Bonus Academics at MMA (09.19.2020)

Support MMA Via AmazonSmile (09.18.2020)

Anti-Bullying Contract (09.18.2020)

A Letter from Band Company's CLA (09.05.2020) 

A Letter from Bravo Company's CLA (09.05.2020) 

A Letter from Charlie Company's CLA (09.05.2020) 

A Letter from Delta Company's CLA (09.05.2020) 

Senior College Challenge (09.04.2020)

Message from the Commandant (09.03.20)

September Virtual College Fair (09.01.2020)

Senior Rings from Josten's (08.31.2020)

Update from President Geraci, 2nd Week of Classes (08.28.20)

Staying Connected to MMA (08.27.2020)

Travel Referrals (08.21.2020)

Parent Newsletter (08.22.2020)

COVID-19 Update (08.21.2020)

Fall Athletic Update (08.20.2020)

SAGE Dining Services Protocols (08.19.2020)

Introducing MMA's College & Career Guidance Counselor (08.18.2020)

Facebook Group Invite (08.18.2020)

How to Access Grades Online (08.17.20)

MMA Welcomes Cadets/New Cadet Resolution Ceremony (08.12.2020)

Fall 2020 Assessments Are Underway! (08.11.2020)

Positive COVID-19 Test at MMA (08.10.2020)

Important Dates for the 2020-21 Academic Year (08.07.2020)

Letter Jacket for Cadets (08.07.2020)

New Cadet Resolution Ceremony (08.06.2020)

What Happens if a Cadet Tests Positive for COVID-19 (07.30.2020)

Athletic Outlook for Fall 2020 (07.23.2020) 

Course Registration (07.27.2020)

Returning Cadet Registration Information (07.25.2020)

Packing and Policies Message from Commandant (07.24.2020)

Cadre Leadership and Pre-Sports Camp Drop Off Instructions (07.22.2020)

New Cadet Registration Information (07.22.2020)

COVID-19 Plans & Protocols for Fall 2020 (07.17.2020)

Health Center Notification: Blister/Bubble Packs for Medication (07.16.2020) 

2020-21 Private Parents Facebook Group Invite (07.15.2020)

Cadet News

From Conway, Arkansas to MMA — Scouts become Cadets and Achieve Eagle Scout Rank with Honor, Service and Grit

For five young men from Conway, Arkansas, their high school education has amplified the values they began learning through Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in ways that most Scouts don’t experience. Missouri Military Academy’s (MMA) Boy Scout Troop 1889 includes five cadets who hail from Conway’s Troop 534 — Cadets Michael Henderson ‘22, Phasakorn Cunningham ‘21, Narathorn Cunningham ‘24, Ethan Zinser ‘22 and Noah Cecil ‘22.

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MMA Places 2nd in Nation in Armed JROTC Drill, 1st for Armed Regulation and Armed Color Guard
  • Cadet

Following their outstanding performance at the National High School Drill Team Competition in Daytona, Missouri Military Academy Fusileers Drill Team ranks second in the nation in Armed JROTC Drill and first in Armed Regulation and Armed Color Guard. Five cadets placed in the top 10 out of 400 cadets drilling in Armed and Unarmed Individual Drill Knockout Competition. 

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