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A Message from President Geraci (05.26.22)

A Message from President Geraci — Summer Opportunities and Looking Forward to 2022-23 (05.13.22)

May 12 is the last day to RSVP to the Senior Banquet (05.10.22)

Information about your cadet's 1889 uniform (04.29.22) 

Upcoming Events, Week of May 2 (04.29.22)

Volunteers Needed for Six Flags Trip (04.28.22)

Send Photos for the Senior Photo Slideshow (04.27.22)

Schedule your parent conferences for Spring Family Weekend (04.08.22)

View Maroon & Gold auction items online — bid now! (04.08.22)

A Message from the President Regarding Audrain Community Hospital (04.06.22)

Middle School Field Trip to Hannibal on Friday, April 8 (04.05.22)

Important Upcoming Dates: Easter, Mother's Day Review, Commencement (04.02.22)

Sign up for text notifications about spring sports (03.19.22)

Sign up: St. Louis Blues vs. Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Game (03.18.22)

Crucible is this weekend (03.17.22)

Fusileers Nationals Travel Information (03.16.22)

Early registration sale price for Maroon & Gold extended (03.16.22)

Message from the President Following Return from Spring Furlough (03.15.22)

Good Standing Message for Upcoming Activities (03.14.22)

Important Information Regarding Return from Spring Furlough on Sunday, 13 March 2022 (03.08.22)

A Message from the President Regarding the Russia-Ukraine Conflict (03.04.22)

Hidden Valley Ski Trip Opportunity (02.09.22)

Information about Valentine Weekend (02.08.22)

Remote learning planned for Wednesday, Feb. 2 (02.01.22)

End-of-year information for senior families (01.25.22)

Message from President Geraci (01.14.22)

Register for Valentine Weekend (01.10.22)

Important Information about Returning from Winter Furlough (12.28.21)

Please submit winter furlough & medication plan forms (12.07.21)

Upcoming ACT & SAT test dates (12.07.21)

Link to download cadet school photos (12.06.21)

Message from the President (12.04.21)

Message from the Commandant regarding misplaced items (11.10.21)

Veterans Day Review invitation (11.05.21)

MMA Ranks as 2022 Best School by (11.05.21)

RSVP for Fall Sports Banquet (11.04.21)

Thank you, Rick Dehlinger '93! (11.04.21)

Middle School Opportunity for Trip to Kansas City (11.02.21)

Then vs. Now: MMA's Founders Day (10.29.21)

Special app for finding your cadet's MMA photos (10.25.21)

How a "New Boy" haircut supported Locks of Love this fall (10.22.21)

Save up to $2,000 on your cadet's tuition! (10.22.21)

All-Military College & Career Fair (10.21.21) 

Become an 1889 Scholarship Supporter (10.20.21)

Here's a problem MMA needs your help with. (10.20.21)

Interested in KC Chiefs game trip for your cadet? (10.19.21)

How our cadets bring it full circle (10.14.21)

October Parent Newsletter (10.12.21)

Change in Care at Cadet Clinic - Family Medicine Information (10.12.21)

Halloween Activities (10.11.21)

Message from Parent Committee Leader Erin Schreyer (10.11.21)

Response Statement from President Geraci (10.08.21)

Submit your 2021-22 Furlough Form (10.07.21)

A message from President Geraci (10.06.21)

Fall Family Weekend Reminder (10.06.21)

Register today for the Senior Ring Dinner! (10.05.21)

Crucible Rescheduled (10.01.21)

Tyronn Lue Community Day of Service (09.30.21)

Message from the President Regarding Accreditation (09.30.21)

Schedule your Teacher and CLA Conferences (09.29.21)

Have you used Naviance yet? (09.29.21)

Fall Family Weekend Schedule and Registration (09.28.21)

MMA is hosting a college fair on 30 Sept. 2021 (09.28.21)

Tri-Military Shootout Invite (09.27.21)

College Update for Seniors (09.27.21)

Sign up for Sporting KC soccer trip (09.24.21)

Cardinals Tickets Pickup (09.18.21)

Parent Newsletter (09.17.21)

Happy Constitution Day (09.17.21)

Homecoming Checkout Protocol (09.17.21) 

Homecoming Sold Out (09.15.21)

Join the 2021-22 Facebook Group and Remind App (09.14.21) 

Homecoming Agenda (09.14.21)

Interest in Major League Soccer Game (09.14.21)

Senior Photo Slideshow (09.14.21)

An Update from President Geraci (09.14.21)

Homecoming is Next Week (09.07.21)

COVID Vaccines for Cadets (09.05.21)

Upcoming Recreational Activities for Cadets (09.03.21)

Upcoming ACT & SAT Test Dates (09.03.21)

Opportunity for your cadet to visit Lake Ozark Speedway Sunday, Sept. 5 (09.02.21)

Register for Zoom Q&A with Academic Dean on Sept. 8 (08.26.21)

Change in game time this weekend, plus how to follow (08.26.21)

Grades Online Introduction (08.20.21) 

Fall Family Weekend Overview (08.19.21) 

What Families Can Expect at Homecoming (08.16.21)

Senior Rings Order Information (08.14.21) 

Addressing Packages to Cadets (08.14.21) 

Virtual Golf Classic Invite (08.13.21) 

Letter from Parent Committee Leader Erin Schreyer (08.11.21) 

Your MMA Contact Reference Guide (08.10.21)

New Cadet Resolution Ceremony (08.09.21)

Stay Connected with MMA (08.07.21)

Homecoming: Cardinals Game Information (08.07.21) 

Meet Cadet Executive Officers (08.06.21)

Activities at MMA (08.05.21)

Geraci Contract Extended Announcement (08.03.21)

Maroon Phase Information (08.03.21)

Class Registration Request for New Families (08.02.21)

Celebrate the MMA Brotherhood for Homecoming (08.02.21)

COVID Vaccinations for Cadets (08.02.21)

Message from the President (08.02.21)

Get Push Notifications for MMA Updates (07.31.21)

Meet MMA's Cadet Company Commanders (07.30.21)

Information about 6 August Registration Day for New Cadet Families (07.30.21)

Save the Date for Homecoming (07.27.21) 

Message from President Geraci: Health and Safety Information (07.26.21)

Get Your Cadet the MMA Letter Jacket (07.24.21)

Meet MMA's Cadet Battalion Staff (07.23.21)

Important Dates for 2021-22 (07.22.21)

Meet our Cadet Battalion Leaders (07.15.21)

Zoom Meeting Invite (07.13.21)

Health Center Medication Information (07.08.2021)

New Tuition Management System (06.25.21)

Arrival Travel Form (06.25.21)

Re-Enrollment Message from the President (06.17.21)

Facebook Group Invite (06.16.21)

Reveille (06.11.21) 

Cadet News

Missouri Military Academy Summer Academy class

Missouri Military Academy-sponsored summer programs kicked off Monday, June 20 with the arrival of boys in grades 7-12 for MMA Summer Academy, an academic-focused summer program. Local businesses and residents should expect extra visitors in town throughout the summer as families drop off and pick up their boys for MMA summer activities.

Read More about Missouri Military Academy Summer Programs Bring Students and Campers to Town