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Permission for cadets to attend Thanksgiving dinner with faculty and staff (11.22.22, for families whose cadets are staying on campus for Thanksgiving)

Instructions for picking cadets up for Thanksgiving furlough (11.21.22)

Where have all the young men gone? (11.18.22)

Sign up for text notifications about winter sports (11.16.22)

Download your cadet's Academy photo (11.15.22)

Two extracurricular activity opportunities for cadets this weekend! (11.15.22)

Helping cadets stay well (11.11.22)

Sharing our gratitude on Veterans Day (11.11.22)

Message from President Geraci (11.07.22)

Message from President Geraci (renewed partnership with families needed) (11.3.22)

Update regarding Mexico Public Schools situation (10.28.22)

Message from the President (10.28.22)

Complete your medication transportation plan form (10.27.22)

Cybersecurity Awareness Month (10.25.22)

Furlough Form Reminder (10.25.22)

Fall Family Weekend Satisfaction Survey (10.25.22)

Father & Son: Yarte Family Legacy (10.24.22)

26 October — Active Shooter and Intruder Response Training for MMA Faculty and Staff (10.24.22)

Halloween 2022 Activities (10.20.22)

Update regarding Col. Grabowski’s health (10.20.22)

Resources to Stay Connected with MMA (10.20.22)

Last Minute Information for Fall Family Weekend (10.19.22)

Academic Zoom Q&A Video (10.19.22)

Parent Newsletter for October (10.19.22)

4 things to know before Fall Family Weekend (10.17.22)

MMA gives back (10.17.22)

You're invited to celebrate our fall athletes! Senior Night information (10.13.22)

Birthday Policy Reminder (10.11.22)

Homecoming Satisfaction Survey (10.07.22)

Message from the President (10.07.22)

MMA: Then vs. Now (10.06.22)

Immunizations, transportation fee for off-campus healthcare, and flu shots (10.06.22)

Fall Family Weekend Schedule and Registration (10.06.22)

Important Information about Colonels football (10.05.22)

Contact Tom Roberts for Furlough Questions (10.04.22)

Crucible Information for New Families (10.04.22) 

Update on Commandant Grabowski (10.03.22)

MMA's Founders' Day is November 22 (09.30.22)

Register for the Academic Zoom Q&A (09.30.22)

Last minute Homecoming information for MMA families (09.28.22)

Message from the Commandant (09.22.22)

Video of 14 Sept. Commandant Q&A Zoom meeting (09.22.22)

Homecoming Cadet Checkout Information (09.21.22)

Message from the Commandant (09.20.22)

Furlough Form Reminder (09.20.22)

September Parent Newsletter (09.19.22)

Fall 2022 College Fair (09.19.22)

Tomorrow is the last day to register for Homecoming! (09.19.22)

Hall of Fame Award Inductees (09.16.22)

Resources to Stay Connected to MMA (09.16.22)

MMA Contact Reference Guide (09.13.22)

9/11 Remembrance Ceremony on Sunday (09.09.22)

Homecoming Checkout Protocols (09.08.22)

Furlough forms are available online (09.08.22)

Health Update from the Commandant (09.08.22)

Fall Sports Schedule Update (9/9 football game cancelled) (09.07.22)

Athletic Update / Practice Time Change (08.31.22)

Financial Aid Webinars (08.31.22)

Gen. Clifton B. Cates Birthday Commemoration (08.30.22)

Message from the Commandant (08.30.22)

Sign your cadet up to see a Lake of the Ozark Speedway race! (08.29.22)

Message from the Commandant about Labor Day Weekend (08.29.22)

Updated Company Assignments (08.26.22)

Walkthrough Initiative with MSHP (08.26.22)

Update from Athletic Director Brian Meny (08.26.22)

Senior Ring Orders (08.26.22)

Historic Homecoming Photos (08.26.22)

Corps of Cadets to Participate in Annual Soybean Festival Parade (8.25.22)

Notice About Packages to Cadets (8.25.22)

Register for the Parent Zoom Q&A with the Commandant (08.25.22)

MMA Extracurricular Activities (08.24.22)

Why Families Should Attend Homecoming (08.22.22)

Message from the Commandant, barracks assignments (08.20.22)

How to view your cadet's schedule and grades (08.20.22)

Monthly birthday parties for cadets (08.19.22)

August 2022 Parent Newsletter (08.18.22)

Homecoming 2022 Invite (08.17.22) 

Message from the Commandant (08.16.22)

New Parent Orientation slides (08.12.22)

Get MMA push notifications (8.11.22)

How to address packages to cadets (8.09.22)

Commandant and CLA Contact Information (08.06.22)

Order your cadet a MMA letter jacket (08.05.22)

The New Cadet Experience - What to Expect (8.04.22)

Information About the 2022-23 Technology Policy (8.02.22)

A Message From the President (8.02.22)

NEW CADETS: Complete form to select your cadet's courses (7.22.22) 

New Cadet Registration Info: Your enrollment checklist (7.22.22)

Returning Cadet Registration Info: Your re-enrollment checklist (7.22.22)

Cadet Cadre Leadership Training Registration Info: Your re-enrollment checklist (7.22.22)

Important Information About Cadet Prescriptions Sent to MMA (07.13.22)

Meet the 2022-23 Parents Committee Leaders (06.30.22)

Join MMA's Private Parents Facebook Group (06.16.22)

Cadet News

MMA Choir Featured in KOMU-TV Holiday Choirs

In October, Missouri Military Academy (MMA) Choir traveled to the Missouri Theatre in Columbia to record songs for KOMU-TV (Columbia) Holiday Choirs, which will air throughout the holiday season. Their performance will debut on November 28 at 6 PM. It will also air on December 9 at 5 PM and December 21 at 12 PM. A second song will be shared during the broadcast on December 2 at 10 PM and December 14 at 9 PM.

Read More about MMA Choir Featured in KOMU-TV Holiday Choirs