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Monday is the last day to register for Maroon & Gold (04.10.24)

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Refer a family, save up to $2,000 on your own cadet's tuition (04.09.24)

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Summer Storage at MMA (03.26.24)

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Mother's Day Review Invite (03.22.24)

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Financial Aid Renewal Information (03.20.24)

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Parent Newsletter (03.15.24)

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Returning from Spring Furlough Information (03.06.24)

President Geraci Selected as Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States Executive Committee President (03.06.24)

Introducing our new JROTC Raiders coach! (03.05.24)

Photos Needed for Senior Slideshow (03.02.24)

Furlough Message from Dr. Victoria Snider (03.01.24)

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Medication Furlough Forms Due (02.26.24)

Winter Sports Assembly is March 13 (02.27.24)

Jostens Graduation Information for Senior Families (02.27.24)

Great News from MMA! (02.24.24)

Valentine Weekend Military Review Video (02.21.24)

Furlough Forms Due Today (02.20.24)

Maroon & Gold Reservations Open (02.19.24)

Produce Cooler Issues (02.16.24)

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Crucible Information (02.16.24)

Uniform Update After NuTone Fire (02.15.24)

Happy Valentine's Day (02.14.24)

Message from Commandant Grabowski regarding cadet dining (02.16.24)

Health and Wellness Update from Commandant Grabowski (02.13.24)

2024-25 Academic Calendar (02.12.24)

Refer a Family, MMA in Your Area (02.10.24)

Parent Newsletter (02.09.24)

Message from President Geraci — Recap of Vespers' message to cadets (02.08.24)

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Super Bowl Party Information (02.02.24)

Sign up for your parent conferences during Valentine's Weekend (02.01.24)

Open Weekend Information (01.31.24)

Message from President Geraci — Staffing changes (01.31.24)

Lost Uniforms Notice (01.30.24)

Valentine Weekend Information + Historical Photos (01.25.24)

Hidden Valley Ski Trip Invite (01.24.24)

Updated Insurance Information Needed (01.24.24)

New Families Zoom Meeting Invite (01.23.24)

Parent Newsletter (01.23.24)

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Now taking applications for 2024-25 leadership designations (01.22.24)

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Save the Date for Maroon & Gold, Spring Family Weekend (01.18.24)

Wrestling Tournament Permission Slip Reminder (01.18.24)

Submit Spring Furlough Forms (01.18.24)

Sending Packages to Cadets (01.17.24)

Day Cadet Meeting with President Geraci (01.17.24)

Special Events Zoom Meeting Registration (01.16.24)

Sign up for text notifications about winter sports (01.12.24)

Information about the Adrian, MO Wresting Tournament on Jan. 20 (01.10.24)

Save the Date for Valentine Weekend (01.04.24)

Arrival instructions for midterm registration (12.30.23)

Instructions for returning cadets after winter furlough (12.30.23)

Cadet News

Preparing for the Future: Missouri Military Academy Cadets Learn Life Skills

At Missouri Military Academy (MMA), the approach to education extends far beyond traditional academics. Cadets are delving into a curriculum that covers a spectrum of practical life skills. From basic household tasks to financial literacy, the Life Skills class offers a comprehensive toolkit for navigating the complexities of adulthood. With the incorporation of guest speakers, the class adds depth and real-world insight to the cadets' learning experience.

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