College Financial Aid

Missouri Military Academy cadet in classroom with laptop

Missouri Military Academy aims to help cadets create a full post-secondary plan after they graduate. This doesn’t just include deciding and applying for a college or university of their choice – it also includes planning for and securing funding for their choice. 

Information About The FAFSA

The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) number generated by the FAFSA is used by the federal and state governments, as well as by colleges and universities, to help them allocate their grant dollars. To complete the FAFSA, click here

Since this application is digitally signed by both the cadet and at least one parent, every cadet and at least one parent needs to create a FSA ID (that is one of the first things the FAFSA site has you do).
The FAFSA officially opens for cadets to begin the process in October. MMA encourages all families and their cadet to get the FAFSA completed as soon as possible because the most financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
Depending on the school(s) cadets are applying to, families may also be required to complete the College Scholarship Service Profile (CSS Profile). The CSS Profile is similar to the the FAFSA, but it asks a lot more detailed questions about the financial situation of the cadet’s family. Do not complete the CSS Profile unless it is required by the cadet's college choice. While it doesn't cost money to complete the CSS Profile, there is a charge to send a report to each school. 
Besides financial aid available from the federal and state governments and the colleges, cadets can — and should — also apply for scholarships and grants from other sources.

Click the buttons below to find online resources to search for this aid, or scroll down to find a list of MMA's suggested scholarships. 

MMA's Suggested Scholarships

Ongoing - College Board Opportunity Scholarships. You have a chance to earn scholarship money for each step you take in the college application process. The more steps you complete, the more money you can win. Learn more at College Board

Scholarship America is a group in Minnesota which manages scholarships for a variety of donors/funders.

Missouri Connections has a extensive list of scholarships. Log in as a guest user. In the top RED menu bar, select Education, then select Missouri Scholarships. There is a long list of scholarships for Missouri residents, but at the bottom of the page are a variety of scholarships sorted by college major/careers.

Check out the scholarships at STL Graduates. Many of these are restricted to specific student populations, but some are more open.