A Year Later: An MMA Grad Reflects on the Value of His MMA Education

A Year Later: An MMA Grad Reflects on the Value of His MMA Education

Recent MMA graduate Gage Blanton reflected on the value of his time at MMA in a recent interview. Please scroll down to see his comments.

From Newburg, Missouri, Blanton graduated in May 2023 at the rank of command sergeant major. As an MMA cadet, Blanton was vice president of MMA’s Delta Phi Honor Society and a National Honor Society member. He also led the Army JROTC Raiders team and the Armed Fusileer Drill Team, who won a national championship in Denver, Colorado.

In spring 2023, Blanton was awarded a four-year U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) scholarship and a merit scholarship to the University of Missouri (MU). Now attending MU, Blanton is working towards his degree in psychology with a minor in military science. 

Interview with Gage Blanton, Class of 2023

How has your first year of college been? Have you declared a major?

My first year of college has been amazing. I keep myself busy with academics and clubs, and being involved in organizations — all while having fun and freedom. I’m majoring in psychology and minoring in military science.

Now that you are almost a year past MMA graduation, what do you think the MMA experience meant?

Going to MMA made me realize the importance of discipline, one's future, brotherhood, and mentorship. The experience made me appreciate the small things in life and savor the big.

What lessons or strengths do you feel you gained from MMA that helped prepare you for college?

One important skill I learned from MMA was time management. I carry this skill as I transition through college. It helps me stay organized in all of my obligations as a student.

Considering your ROTC scholarship, do you think MMA supported you in achieving that? If yes, how so?

It would be unbecoming of me to say I got my scholarship by myself. My mentors and teachers guided me and gave me the courage and motivation during the application process. I think I could not have done it without them.

Do you plan to support MMA in the future?

Yes, 100%.

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