Tri Meet with Macon and Kirksville 01-11-23

Tri Meet with Macon and Kirksville 01-11-23

Tuesday, Jan. 11, MMA grapplers went to Macon for their first competition since coming back from Christmas furlough. MMA’s first match of the night was against Kirksville. 

MMA had a good duel against the tough Kirksville program. Although the MMA wrestlers came up short 54-30, they looked tough and left it all on the mat. Winners for the Colonels were Cadet Caleb Xamis at 113, Cadet Dalllas Grantz at 126, Cadet Brett Miles at 150, Cadet Gabe Canonico at 165 and Cadet Landon Meyer at 215.

MMA’s second bout of the evening featured another tough program, Macon. Again, the Colonels showed great effort, but still lost 45-36. Winners for the team included Cadet Deonte Kerns at 106, Cadet Lucas Sydlewski at 120, Cadet Sam Stevens at 132, Cadet Bryson Powell at 144, Cadet Brett Miles at 150 and Cadet Ben Huynh at heavyweight.

“We had some great competition tonight," said Coach Allen. "Very solid teams and exactly what we needed coming back off of Christmas break. It’s always been tough coming back from a break and getting our conditioning back up to speed and making weight, but this group of cadets has the heart and determination to give it their best and not let down their teammates. So I have no doubt we will continue to improve and be ready for our big conference meet on Jan. 21 in Lone Jack, Missouri.”

Next, MMA wrestlers will compete at the Owensville tournament on Saturday, Jan. 14th.   

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