Thanksgiving 2020 Competition Results

During Thanksgiving weekend 2020, Missouri Military Academy cadets enjoyed four days of competitive events. Below, please find results and see photos on Flickr

8-Ball Billiard Tournament (2 man team)

  • 1st Place: Nathan Dempsey and Landon Kjolhede
  • 2nd Place: Michael Machary-Pagan and Landy Nguyen
  • 3rd Place: Delgermurun Javkhlantugs and Ashton Williams

Tug-of-War Tournament

High School Division (10 man team)

  • 1st Place: Loyal Smith, Kenny Kazoora, Landry Rudasingwa, Christopher Bryant, Phasakorn Cunningham, Victor Patino Matos, Mauricio Gutierrez, Jose Elizondo, Kevin Wang, Jeremy Ansel
  • 2nd Place: Juan Pedro Garduno Miranda, Delgermurun Javkhlantugs, Brett Miles, Simon Way, Jancarlo Barajas, Ramel Morgan, Francisco Jacquez, Matthew Larson, Kai Passmore, Oskar Fontana, Patricio Regis
  • 3rd Place: Michael Machary-Pagan, Clayton Nelson, Bradford Wright, William Dunn, Kevith Sangster, Steven Clary, Andrew McCaffrey, Ian Robison, Landon Meyer, William Delaplane

Middle School Division (8 man team)

  • 1st Place: Christopher Dowdy-Rhadans, Michael Brooks-Diaz, Zachary Sturgeon, Gael Aguilar, Richard Yang, Damian Moore, Trey Rudolph, Chongbo Zhou
  • 2nd Place: Kruze Hagan, Ryan Miles, Matthew Lin, Sage Fuller, Angelo Urdaneta, Sean Silva, Rodrigo Flores Pavon, Robert Peck

Gaga Ball Competition (6 man team)

  • 1st Place: Ian Masters-Moore, Gabriel Canonico, Owen Sipe, Noah Cicil, Jared Douthit, Evan Schreyer
  • 2nd Place: Alexander Chambers, Zachary Sturgeon, Bradley Thumbi, Ryan Miles, Damian Moore, Ryan Stafford
  • 3rd Place: Jake Vincent, Peter Didicher, Francisco Jaquez, Robert Peck, Matthew Lin, Zijie Zhou

Foosball Tournament (2 man team)

  • 1st Place: Samuel Olmeda-Cardenas and Brett Miles
  • 2nd Place: Anthony Melick and Dominic Desiderio
  • 3rd Place: Dhalil Belko and Tyler Harris-Avery

Paintball Tournament (10 man team)

  • 1st Place: Evan Schreyer, Edwin Kagame, Matthew Hamilton, Christopher Dowdy-Rhadans, Peter Didicher, Lance Newland, Ian Robinson, Landon Meyer, Clayton Nelson, Sage Fuller
  • 2nd Place: James Pugh-Segler, Samuel Way, Avin Hineman, Samuel Olmeda-Cardenas, Gabriel Iglesias Osorio, Conner O'Neal-Carden, Migaruka Bruno Kuzwayezu, Ganza Rugumire, Bano Karameyezu, Jonathan Rukangira
  • 3rd Place: Jake Vincent, Battuguldur Battur, Dmitri Cary, Jackson Ongman, Zane Steichen, Parker Woodruff, Reagan Ammons, Lucas Santiago-Acevedo, Domingo Holguin, Timothy Varley

5K Obstacle Course Race (Individual)

High School Division

  • 1st Place: Isaac Way
  • 2nd Place: Alexander Thomas
  • 3rd Place: Gorka-Aitor Yarte-Zertuche

Middle School Division

  • 1st Place: Ryan Miles
  • 2nd Place: Zachary Sturgeon
  • 3rd Place: Michael Brooks-Diaz

Whiffle Ball Tournament (5 man teams; may have up to 10 on roster)

  • 1st Place: Matthew Larson, Kai Passmore, Oskar Fontana, Nathan Dempsey, Brett Miles, Jancarlo Barajas, Ramel Morgan, Landon Kjolhede
  • 2nd Place: Kevith Sangster, Phasakorn Cunningham, Diego Lopez, Christopher Bryant, Anthony Melick, Chongbo Zhou, Roy Kioko, Angelo Urdaneta, Jordan Sekele, Dominic Desiderio, Andrew McCaffrey
  • 3rd Place: Noah Johnson, Jeremy Ansel, Michael Brooks-Diaz, Gabriel Kaiser, Ryan Miles, Robert Peck, Nathaniel Bowman

Frisbee-Golf Competition (4 man team)

  • 1st Place: William Dunn, Bradford Wright, Michael Machary-Pagan, Michael Henderson
  • 2nd Place: Adam Stemple, Michael Wever, Matthew Lin, Noah Peairson
  • 3rd Place: Abdel Hanania, Christopher Norris, Bradley Thumbi, Yuheng Liu

Super-Smash Bros Tournament (Individual)

  • 1st Place: Michael Machary-Pagan
  • 2nd Place: Dominic Desiderio
  • 3rd Place: Brett Miles

Cortada Obstacle Course Race (Individual, High School Only)

  • 1st Place: Sun Kit Tsui
  • 2nd Place: Clayton Nelson
  • 3rd Place: Kevin Wang

Futsal Tournament (6 man team)

  • 1st Place: Oscar Lopez Benavides, Juan Pablo Garduno Miranda, Esiquio Resendez, David Eaton, Noah Corzine, Francisco Delgado, Battuguldur Battur
  • 2nd Place: Bilguun Erdenedavaa, Alejandro Mercado, Kellan Mugisha, Delgermurun Javkhlantugs, Mutale Chilufya, Ronald Pflumm
  • 3rd Place: Samuel Olmeda-Cardenas, Jose Elizondo, Michael Wever, John Latenser, Alejandro Beverido 

Pugil-Stick Tournament (Individual)

Heavy Weight Class

  • 1st Place: Christopher Bryant
  • 2nd Place: Pedro Garduno
  • 3rd Place: Ian Robison

Middle Weight Class

  • 1st Place: James Pugh-Segler
  • 2nd Place: Landon Meyer

Light Weight Class

  • 1st Place: Noah Cicil
  • 2nd Place: Brett Miles
  • 3rd Place: Yuheng Liu

Bantam Weight Class (Middle School Division)

  • 1st Place: Gael Aguilar
  • 2nd Place: Ethan Zinser
  • 3rd Place: Ryan Miles

Wheelbarrow Race (2 man team)

  • 1st Place: Loyal Smith and Sun Kit Tsui
  • 2nd Place: Kevin Wang, Francisco Jacquez
  • 3rd Place: Anthony Melick and Michael Henderson

Basketball Tournament (6 man team)

  • 1st Place: Landry Rudasingwa, Jose Elizondo, Jeremy Ansel, Maxon Castle, Mason Ruckman, Alexander Thomas
  • 2nd Place: Bilguun Erdenedavaa, TJ Somsanith, Noah Corzine, Prize Mpabuka, Delgermurun Javkhlantugs, Kellan Mugisha
  • 3rd Place: Dylan Mugisha, Chew, Zane Steichen, Christopher Norris, Nathan Dempsey 

Volleyball Tournament (6 man team)

  • 1st Place: Rene Garcia Garza, Gabriel Iglesias Osorio, John Latenser, Fernando Afane, Connor O’Neal-Carden, Michael Machary-Pagan 
  • 2nd Place: Buyannemekh Buyantogtokh, Telmen Nasanbat, Noah Johnson, Domingo Holguin, Yuheng Liu, Kevin Gonzalez Gonzalez
  • 3rd Place: Alexander Chambers, Jared Douthit, David Wainscott, Trey Rudolph, Ronald Pflumm, Jancarlo Barajas

Flag-football Tournament (8 man team)

  • 1st Place: Enrique Padron, Loyal Smith, Mauricio Gutierrez, Phasakorn Cunningham, Edwin Kagame, Christopher Bryant, Bradford Wright
  • 2nd Place: Ashely Park, Alexander Thomas, Michael Brooks-Diaz, Jeremy Ansel, Ganza Rugumire, Avin Hineman, John Latenser, Maxon Castle, Bano Karameyezu
  • 3rd Place: Matthew Larson, Mutale Chilufya, Kai Passmore, Gabriel Canonico, Brett Miles, Oskar Fontana, Jack Swenson, Gael Aguilar


High School Division

  • 1st Place: Sun Kit Tsui
  • 2nd Place: Adam Stemple
  • 3rd Place: Clayton Nelson

Middle School Division

  • 1st Place: Ryan Miles
  • 2nd Place: Zachary Sturgeon
  • 3rd Place: Damian Moore

*This event is designed to measure one's functional fitness in a simulated combat environment. This individual, timed challenge is conducted in a single lane, approximately 8 yards wide and 100 yards long, and occurs in five stages. 

Stage I: Movement to the Attack Position

  • 880 yard Sprint
  • Max ammo can press in 2 mins 
  • 10 minute rest/water resupply/make final preparations before going into the attack

Stage II: Maneuver under Fire

  • From the prone position, sprint 25 yards
  • At the 25 yard line, quickstep in a clockwise circle around a traffic cone
  • Drop and low crawl (elbows and knees) for 10 yards
  • High crawl on hands and knees for 15 yards
  • Run diagonally for 25 yards, zig zagging through five traffic cones spaced 5 yards apart

Stage III: Evacuate your Battle Buddy

  • Pick up a “casualty” using an underarm carry position 
  • Buddy drag the casualty through two traffic cones, covering 10 combined yards
  • Transition into a “fireman’s carry” for a final haul of 65 yards
  • Upon reaching the initial starting point, place the casualty on the ground

Stage IV: Continue Movement/Attack the Objective 

  • Pick up 2-two 30lbs ammo cans and sprint 50 yards
  • Carrying the ammo cans, move through a 25 yard network of five traffic cones placed 5 yards apart
  • Place the ammo cans down, pick up and throw a grenade from the standing position at target 22.5 yards away.
  • After the throw, drop into a prone position and do 5 push ups

Stage V: Retrograde Back to the Attack Position

  • Stand up from the prone position and pick up the ammo cans again
  • Carrying the ammo cans, run diagonally for 25 yards, zig zagging through five traffic cones spaced 5 yards apart
  • Carrying the ammo cans, sprint 50 yards to the finish line

Below, see a few of the awards cadets won for these competitions... 




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