Thank you, Missouri Military Academy Teachers!

Thank you, Missouri Military Academy Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2023 is here, and Missouri Military Academy (MMA) is proud to recognize our team of outstanding middle school and high school educators.

For cadets, MMA is more than a school. It’s also their second home. Everyone at MMA – instructors, company leadership advisors, coaches, and more – becomes part of their MMA family. Our instructors go beyond teaching subject matter. They work closely with each cadet to nurture their individual interests and motivations and instill a love of learning. Structure and discipline are complemented by support and love, creating a perfect learning environment for young men to thrive. Learn more about MMA instructors here.

Below, please see comments from current MMA families regarding our teachers. Although this week is Teacher’s Appreciation Week, we are grateful for our MMA teachers throughout the entire year!

From Karri Ortiz, mother of Cadet Connor Edwards, junior from Maitland, Florida:

Thank you, dear teachers and staff, for loving our children through these challenging years and for teaching them more than math and reading. Thank you for taking their hands during guided study hall and showing them that they CAN do it with some extra practice. Thank you for showing up every day even when you’re tired or not feeling well. Thank you for getting our kids ready for the next stage of life, college or trade school. Thank you for filling a crucial role we as parents can’t fill! Thank you for choosing a career in education and thank you for choosing MMA and our kiddos!



From Wynn Nguyen, mother of Cadet Preston Vo, 8th grader from Sachse, Texas:

We are blessed to have you to be a crucial part of our kids’ life. Thank you for your dedicated service and I wish you all the best.



From Jill Remshardt, mother of Cadet William Remshardt, junior from Sherman, Texas:

Oh, my goodness. I could go on and on about the wonderful teachers who are like no other:

  • Mr. Schafer – who inspires, leads, and cares deeply for his students. He also mentors our young men. Cadets seem to admire, respect and greatly appreciate him. What a difference he is making.
  • Mr. Dalton – who brings out the best in his students and creates an engaging and thoughtful classroom environment. Now my cadet actually enjoys English (never happened before).
  • Mr. McClarey – who will make sure his cadets do and turn in their work even if he has to come find them on a weekend. He makes history come to life and become quite interesting.
  • Ms. Dorks – who goes the extra mile to advise, encourage, and help the cadets in her advisory class. She cares deeply for her students and inspires them to strive for excellence.
  • Mr. Jacobson – who encourages the cadets to learn when to lead and when to follow; teaches personal responsibility and the importance of citizenship; and helps develop self-esteem, teamwork, and self-discipline. What great skills for life.

My cadet had an amazing team of teachers this semester for sure. I’m grateful to them all.



From Wendy Sydlewski, mother of Cadet Lucas Sydlewski, senior from Houlton, Wisconsin:

Yay! An opportunity to brag about the teachers! Lucas has not had a SINGLE teacher that didn’t impress me in one way or another. I am so grateful for each and every teacher!



From Shelley Stidham-Garcia, mother of Cadet Noah Garcia, freshman from Safety Harbor, Florida:

Thank you so very much to all the teachers at MMA. You inspire our boys and pour life and love into them. We appreciate each one, all of you!!

Special shout out to Ms. Camargo (aka – Tinkerbell) for being the sweetest, happiest, most full of life, and positive teacher. Your energy is contagious. You could make billions if you could bottle that up and sell it. We adore you!

Also, Mr. Schafer and Dr. Nowlin … Thanks for believing in our boy, holding him accountable, constantly speaking life into him, and reminding him of how amazing he really is. He is growing and thriving because of it. Y’all are awesome, and we will never be able to thank you enough for truly caring.



From Sherry Meyer, mother of Cadet Landon Meyer, junior, from Moberly, Missouri:

Shout out to ALL of our wonderful educators at MMA, but BIG SHOUTS to …

  • Mr. Garrett for loving Landon like his own and pushing him to perfect his passion in music.
  • Mrs. Morris for ALWAYS looking out for Landon's best interest in all areas, holding him accountable when necessary, and finding alternative ways to keep him motivated.
Missouri Military Academy JROTC class

From Christina Harrison Pittman, mother of Cadet Harrison Pittman, 8th grader from Dallas, Texas:

To the most wonderful, professional, caring teachers around, thank you for everything.


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