Alumni Advice: What advice would you offer cadets about staying connected to the MMA brotherhood?

“You have a very unique high school experience, only shared by a very small group of people. Once you graduate, staying in contact may not seem important, but it may / will be in the future. Your classmates are your Brothers, only you share the same history and background that is your MMA Experience! Stay connected!” – Chris Schafer ’89  

“Stay connected to your classmates any way you can. Visit the Academy when you can. The brotherhood is real and is priceless above all else.” – Chris Gentry ’88  

“Get involved in the MMA Alumni Association; communicate by email and phone with your brothers; attend Homecoming; share your experiences!” – George F. Davison, Jr. ’68  

“Memories are here. Later you will understand the Brotherhood.” – Richard Cooper ’82  

“You’ll never share more with those you meet than you shared with those who shared your life 24/7 at the Missouri Military Academy.” – Jim Edmonston ’72 

“I found this to be difficult, since many of my classmates lived many miles away from St. Louis and many chose different paths and occupations.” – Larry G. Mrazek ’51  

“Value your brothers. It is so easy to stay in touch these days. No reason not to stay connected.” – Jeffrey G Kannegiesser ’88  

“Do the best you can. Your job location sometimes makes it difficult.” – Jack R. Logan ’48  

“Sooner or later you will realize how really fortunate you were to have attended an institution of higher learning that had your personal interest in mind. The only limits you had were your own.” – Francisco A Sierra ’58  

“You will always have the most trustworthy net of people. You can always count and relay on all of us. This is the best and finest source of resources and support.” – Paul Petit ’58  

“Stay connected as now it easy to do, I think that many of the brothers that lost touch and have a bitter taste about the academy do so now because prior to social media we maybe saw each other at homecoming and outside of a few areas did not have very strong regional alumni support. Now with class agents and regional events it is easy to stay connected.” – Tony Giuliani ’88  

“Now as you transition from cadet to alumni, now you are a part of over 8000 brothers that share your same experiences and concerns during your time at MMA, stay in contact, come home whenever you can, it is lots of fun to re-live those days, and see the changes...share your experiences, and help to promote MMA life.”  – Jesus E. Soriano ’82  

“It's important to stay in touch. You're 18 now, but when your 40 or 50 or 60, you'll cherish hearing what your old mates are up to.” – Douglas Evans ’73  

“Stay connected with the guys who made you a better man at MMA.” – Dean Davison ’78  

“There are friendships that you can maintain for the rest of your life. It's worth the effort.” – Thomas A. Berry ’59  

“You need that connection.” – James Caviness ’50  

“With time, you with realize the MMA brotherhood will be one of the best supports you will ever have, so do not lose it.” – Jose Garcia ’78  

“Keep in touch with your cadet brothers.”  – David Cupp Whitney ’54  

“Come to Homecoming reunions.” – John Rodeder ’58  

“Stay in contact with many of your classmates, both junior and seniors. Extremely important in your senior years of life. Many great memories of MMA” – Dallas Tohill ’62  

“I find that a connection with MMA remains with me at all times and - more than any other experiences in my lifetime - I most credit MMA for molding the better parts of my character.” – Benny Rossi ’57  

“You have shared something very special with your brothers at MMA. You will need their advice and help as you move forward in life.” – Raymond Zimmerman ’61  

“The friends you make can last forever. My class will soon be celebrating our 60th reunion. We set a record for attendance for our 25th and 50th.” – Ronald Baran ’60  

“Try to keep up with all who went with you.” – Warren R. Stone ’58  

“Your MMA Brothers will be friends forever. They can help you network for jobs and can be a great unconditional friend due to your common experiences.”  – LTC USA (Ret) Paul Gillette, Sr. '72 

“Always stay connected, no better friends have you made or will make. You will of course make new friends but none like being a cadet.” – Richard Hart ’70  

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