MMA Family in México Gather with President Geraci

MMA Family in México Gather with President Geraci

In April 2024, Missouri Military Academy President Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci, USA (Ret), visited alumni and families in Laredo, Monterrey, Mexico City, and Querétaro. This annual trip aims to foster connections, strengthen the MMA brotherhood, and celebrate the achievements of the Academy’s Mexican alumni.

"Every time I visit México, I am more impressed by you and your MMA brothers," President Geraci said. "As alumni, you exemplify how the MMA core values — specifically leadership, honor and integrity — transform our cadets into business, community, government, and military leaders."

In his presentations, President Geraci recognized the achievements of several Mexican alumni recently inducted into the MMA Hall of Fame, including Venus Rey Jr. '88, a world-renowned composer, maestro, and author; Gilberto Crombe '89, a global entrepreneur; and Paul Petit '85, an entrepreneur, business owner, and philanthropist.

He also highlighted the recent achievements of Mexican MMA cadets, who have demonstrated exceptional leadership within the MMA Corps of Cadets. This includes seven battalion commanders, four executive officers, two sergeant majors,18 company commanders, nine Legion of Honor recipients and five valedictorians from México. 

"Our cadets from México thrive in our military educational environment, and our corps benefits from them," President Geraci said. "I look forward to seeing future generations of Mexican cadets excel after graduating from MMA."

MMA is a globally recognized learning institution with a diverse domestic and international student population. The Academy’s rigorous program empowers young men to reach their potential as future college graduates, citizens of character, and community leaders. MMA’s 360˚ Education fosters academic excellence, a healthy lifestyle and physical development, leadership and life skills, positive character development, and personal motivation.

MMA is currently enrolling for the 2024-25 academic year. If you have any questions about enrolling your own young man at MMA or would like to recommend a young man you know, please contact our international admissions counselor located in México, Paul Petit '85, at (55) 2741-4115 or

Alumni and friends in Mexico can support young MMA brothers from Mexico through the 1889 Scholarship Fund. Through the 1889 Scholarship Fund, donors can make a recurring monthly gift of only $18.89 per month to support scholarships for cadets from their home country. Click here to become an 1889 Scholarship Supporter. 

Thank you to Alonso Garfias '93 and Jose Luis Alvarez '84 for hosting the event in Querétaro, Luis Moreno '93 for hosting us in Laredo, Jorge Safi ’84 for hosting us at the Hotel Safi Valle in Monterrey, and MMA’s México office (Paul Petit ‘85) for their support. Thank you to Jose Luis Álvarez '84 and Federico Huesca '87 for photos.

Missouri Military Academy alumni and President Richard V. Geraci in Mexico

From left to right, Pablo Sanchez, Paul Petit ’85, Patricio Sanchez ’25, President Geraci, Patricia Arroyo, Juan Carlos Arroyo, Liza Sanchez, Rodrigo Padilla ’15

MMA President Geraci and Alumni from Mexico.

Jose Luis Alvarez ’84 and President Geraci

Missouri Military Academy alumnus Jorge Safi ’84 and President Geraci 

Jorge Safi ’84 and President Geraci 

Missouri Military Academy President Geraci with MMA alumni in Mexico standing on stairs

Front row, from left to right: Rodrigo Padilla ’15, Christian Gutiérrez ’08, Jorge Safi '84, President Geraci, and Tomas González ’94. Second row, Luis Carlos Mendiola and Rob Silbaugh. Third row: Luis Ochoa, Paul Petit ’85, Aide Avendaño, René Garcia ’22, and Gerardo Sauceda. Fourth row: Rogelio Avendaño. Top row:  James Jacuzzi '11 and Alan Flores ’98.

Missouri Military Academy President Geraci Connects with MMA Family in Mexico

Alumni reunion in Querétaro

Missouri Military Academy spring 2024 alumni reunion in Laredo, Texas

 Alumni reunion in Laredo, Texas

Missouri Military Academy alumnus Luis Moreno '93 and President Geraci

Luis Moreno '93 and President Geraci

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