Spring 2021 Campus Improvements

Campus is quiet this week with cadets on spring furlough, except for campus improvements underway! Maintaining our beautiful 288-acre campus and facilities is a continual effort and priority for the Academy. 

A crew has been busy putting a new roof on the laundry building.

Our MMA custodial staff has been cleaning, disinfecting and buffing, completing deep cleaning while the cadets are away. Maintenance staff has also been installing new, solid plastic bathroom partitions in Bravo and will continue the effort throughout the other barracks.

Information Technology staff has been working to create a new command center for MMA video camera surveillance. The center will feature 17 monitors to cover approximately 250 cameras on campus. A new drone also arrived to help us capture aerial video footage of the corps.

Renovation continues on Calvert Baseball Field – we are grateful for the sunshine and good weather after a lot of rain delays! This week, dirt work has been underway to improve drainage. Fence crews will be onsite next week to replace the old chain link fence. Their work will include erecting our new “mini-maroon monster” in left field – a 20-ft raised fence with inset scoreboard. The new scoreboard is in and ready to be installed. Irrigation will be installed during the week of April 8, with sod soon to follow. Weather permitting, the field will be ready for our first home baseball game on May 1.

Rendering for new Missouri Military Academy Baseball Field

Additional recent updates include a new pergola constructed behind Charlie Barracks. The pergola will be used as an outdoor classroom space. The MMA honor code and core values are on display behind it.

Missouri Military Academy Pergola

Thank you to our many donors who support MMA, especially those who give to our annual fund, where gifts support the Academy’s greatest, immediate needs. For information on how you can support MMA, please visit https://www.missourimilitaryacademy.org/alumni/giving.

Cadet News

Legacy Cadets Recognized at Alumni Awards and Donor Recognition Banquet

On September 18, 2021, legacy cadets and their families were formally recognized at the Alumni Awards and Donor Recognition Banquet during Homecoming. Legacy cadets are cadets who are sons, stepsons, brothers, grandsons, step-grandsons, nephews or cousins of an MMA alum who completed at least one full year as an MMA cadet. Symbolizing their family's continued history at MMA, they were given a legacy pin.

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