Cadet Leadership Designations for the 2024-2025 School Year

Cadet Leadership Designations for the 2024-2025 School Year

Congratulations to those cadets who earned leadership positions for the 2024-2025 school year. We look forward to a great year for the 136th Missouri Military Academy Corps of Cadets!

These cadet leaders and other select cadets will report to MMA on August 2 for the 2024 Cadre Leadership Camp, a rigorous two-week leadership training program. This program is reserved for cadets who actively demonstrate the qualities desired for leaders at MMA. This intensive leadership training program aims to hone their leadership and team-building skills so they may most effectively serve as leaders in the corps of cadets. Current MMA families, please click here for Cadre Leadership Camp arrival information.

Battalion Command Group

  • Battalion Commander: Cadet Mason Brooks
  • Battalion Executive Office: Cadet Khuslen Turmunkh
  • Battalion Sergeant Major: Cadet Seydina Issa Diop

Battalion Staff Group

  • Battalion S-1 (Adjutant): Cadet Michael Pfeifer
  • Battalion S-2 (Intelligence Officer): Cadet Aaden Bado
  • Battalion S-3 (Operations Officer): Cadet Clayton Reich
  • Battalion S-4 (Logistics Officer): Cadet Dallas Grantz
  • Battalion S-5 (Public Affairs): Cadet John Trippe
  • Battalion S-6 (Communications): Cadet Duane Thompson

Band Company

  • Company Commander: Cadet Kruze Hagan
  • Executive Officer: Cadet Erdembayar Munkhbolor
  • 1st Sergeant: Cadet Miles Matthews

Bravo Company

  • Company Commander: Cadet Malachi Imrie            
  • Executive Officer: Cadet Mu Ye
  • 1st Sergeant: Cadet Triet Bui
Cadet Thumbi passes corps' leadership to Cadet Brooks, the new BC, during Final Formation 2024.

Cadet Bradley Thumbi, the outgoing cadet battalion commander (BC), passes the corps' leadership for 2024-25 to Cadet Mason Brooks, the new BC, during Final Formation 2024.

Charlie Company

  • Company Commander: Cadet Alexander Pro            
  • Executive Officer: Cadet Khas-Erdene Sod-Erdene
  • 1st Sergeant: Cadet Alvaro Gonzalez Farre

Echo Company

  • Company Commander: Cadet Adam Swenson                      
  • Executive Officer: Cadet River Punab-Mitchell
  • 1st Sergeant: Cadet Batbileg Bataa

Special Assignments

  • Battalion Quartermaster: Cadet Marcus Miller                      
  • Provost Marshall: Cadet Gihana Favour Nziza
  • Physical Fitness NCO: Cadet Aiden Zoroufchy
  • Morale and Activities NCO: Cadet Cooper Johnston
  • Morale and Activities Assistant: Cadet Deonte Kerns
  • Religious Assistant to the Chaplain: Cadet Eric Shellabarger
  • Battalion Armorer: Cadet Andrew McConnell
  • Assistant Armorer: Cadet Johnathan Valesa
  • Parade Color Guard Commander: Cadet Luke Wolf                         
  • International Color Guard Commander: Cadet Irmuun Ganbat                     
  • Battalion Pipe Major: Cadet Adam Swenson             
  • Battalion Drum Major: Cadet Miles Matthews                                                    

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