Sophomore MMA Cadet Receives Summer Internship with National Institute of Genomic Research

Sophomore MMA Cadet Receives Summer Internship with National Institute of Genomic Research

Cadet Gerardo Quiroga, a Missouri Military Academy high school sophomore from Ciudad de México, México, has accepted an internship with the National Institute of Genomic Medicine (INMEGEN) for summer 2023. As an INMEGEN intern, Quiroga will assist researchers with a public health initiative to improve success rates for pediatric leukemia patients with a specific focus on computational biology and genomic sequencing. He will be the youngest intern at the institute this summer — the only high school intern among college students.

To apply for the internship, Quiroga hand-delivered his resume to various targeted genetic labs dressed in a suit and tie. He heard a response from INMEGEN within a matter of days. During the interview process, INMEGEN indicated some hesitancy based on his age and experience level, but Quiroga honed his programming language skills to prove his commitment to the project.

“I’ve always been ambitious and creative, but MMA has brought structure to my ideas,” said Quiroga, who first joined the Academy in the fall of 2019. “Classes like business and personal finance have taught me how to deliver in various situations such as my internship search.”

The INMEGEN internship is a step toward Quiroga’s career goal of becoming a scientific researcher in the genetics field. He says he’s most excited about meeting like-minded people and immersing himself in a professional scientific setting.

Beyond his academic achievements, he is also a member of the national championship MMA Fusileers Drill Team and a member of the MMA wrestling team.

“As parents, we couldn't be prouder of the amazing transformation we've seen in Gerardo since he joined Missouri Military Academy,” said his parents Leticia and Gerardo Quiroga. “He has grown into a confident, motivated, and self-aware young adult, who takes full responsibility for his life and is determined to become the best and unique version of himself.”

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