MMA Hosts Scout STEM Camp with Help From Cadet Volunteers

From Oct. 29-31, nearly 40 Cub Scouts flocked to Missouri Military Academy (MMA) for a Nova STEM camp. Alongside their parents, the Scouts participated in various science-, technology-, engineering- and math-related activities. Twenty MMA cadets volunteered to assist the program leaders on Saturday with classes such as Floats and Boats and World of Sound Adventure.

In Floats and Boats, Scouts built sailboats with water bottles, popsicle sticks and paper. After a safety briefing, the campers and parents and tested their boats — most of which turned out like submarines — MMA’s Olympic-sized swimming pool.

World of Sound Adventure, conducted in Barnard Hall, taught Scouts about sound. During the class, they made instruments from around the world, including a mbira, sistrum and rainstick.

The Scouts also spent free time in the pool, hiked around campus and learned about the Earth, and shot BB guns in the Academy’s rifle range.

After dinner at Barnard Hall, the Scouts enjoyed a Halloween party in the Alain M. Garcia Almada ’06 Field House and a haunted trail ride set up by MMA cadets behind the field house. After cycling the Scouts and their parents through the haunted trail, the Scouts watched “Monsters, Inc.” in the basement of Memorial Chapel.

Scouts and parents camped in the field house for the weekend. On Sunday morning, campers enjoyed breakfast in the mess hall before departing campus. MMA looks forward to the Scouts returning for another visit to the Academy in May 2022.

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