Meet MMA Science Instructor Eric Evertson

Meet MMA Science Instructor Eric Evertson

Congratulations to MMA science instructor Eric Evertson, recipient of this year's Dick Abbott, Bob Albright Class of 1949 Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching!

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"As a teacher, I foster positive relationships with the cadets, and I create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and meets cadets’ developmental, emotional and academic needs. I strive to build strong personal connections with the cadets to support their growth intellectually, physically and interpersonally. I embrace an 'autonomy + support' approach that encourages cadets to draw their own conclusions, justify them and then explore how aspects of class subjects apply to real life."

Currently Reading: “Cultivating Hearts and Character – Educating for Life’s Most Essential Goals” by Divine, Seok and Wilson

Favorite Movie: “Secondhand Lions”

Favorite Pastime: Spending time with family and going fishing with my kids

Fun Fact: In high school, I was a cadet at another military school. Naturally, I struggled, and it stretched me mentally, physically, and emotionally, but in the end, it positively changed my life. Though the path can be challenging, we are made to do challenging things in life.

Favorite Quote: “When we are off course with our kids it is usually because we are lost in the myth of control and we need to return to the wisdom of connection and attachment.” — Unknown

In addition to teaching science, Mr. Evertson also enjoys supporting MMA's Scout Troop 1889.

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