Rising MMA Leaders Encouraged to Apply for 2020-21 Leadership Positions

Current sophomore and junior cadets seeking an opportunity to hone their leadership skills can now apply for leadership designations for the 2020-21 academic year. In their leadership roles, cadet leaders are expected to set the example as mentors and role models to other cadets, hold their fellow cadets accountable, teach greater responsibility to their brothers, represent the 132nd Missouri Military Academy Corps of Cadets, and much more.

Because of the clear personal, academic and character development value of cadet leadership roles at MMA, all sophomore and junior cadets are highly encouraged to apply. Younger classmen are urged to observe the process and consider how they can begin preparing for leadership roles in the future. Scroll down for how to apply and a list of available positions.

The Value of Developing Cadet Leadership Skills

The true value of cadet leadership skills not only lies within the corps, but also in what comes after it — their college, careers and adult life. Leadership is a cornerstone of the MMA experience and the most valuable skill cadets can attain in preparation for their post-secondary education and lives.

Top universities and employers all consider personal character among the most valuable trait in a college or job applicant. Leadership skills are among the best and most effective ways to show an individual's character.

Below, 2019-20 Battalion Commander John Murphy leads his cadet leadership team during the 2020 Valentine Weekend review.

Missouri Military Academy cadets march in review

How to Apply

Leader applicants must submit a short resume package for the MMA Designation Board’s consideration no later than April 6, 2020. Interviews will be held in early April, and designation announcements will be made in May.

Cadets not selected for the above designated positions will have a chance to apply and compete for Company First Sergeant, Platoon Leader and Platoon Sergeant while attending Leadership Cadre Training in August.

Their resume package must include:

  • a cover page with a school photo and bulleted list of the top three leadership positions they are applying for
  • a biography concisely explaining why they are qualified, committed and the best choice for a leadership position at MMA
  • an objective resume
  • a personal reference letter from a MMA faculty or staff member

For details about the resume package format and guidelines, click here.

Cadets must submit their resume package to Executive Assistant to the Commandant Amy Wells in Barnard Hall, Room 206, or to Deputy Commandant for Operations Gunnery Sergeant Jeremy Beard in Barnard. With questions about the resume package, including format or inclusion details, cadets should contact Commandant Rick Grabowski via email at rick.grabowski@missourimilitaryacademy.com or in Barnard Hall, Room 206.

Available Leadership Designations

Positions available for designation are as follows:

  • Battalion Commander
  • Battalion Sergeant Major
  • Battalion Executive Officer
  • Battalion Adjutant (S-1)
  • Battalion Intelligence Officer (S-2)
  • Battalion Operations’ Officer (S-3)
  • Battalion Logistics’ Officer (S-4)
  • Battalion Public Affairs’/Activities Officer (S-5)
  • Battalion Communications Officer (S-6)
  • Band Company Commander
  • Bravo Company Commander
  • Charlie Company Commander
  • Delta Company Commander
  • Band Company First Sergeant
  • Bravo Company First Sergeant
  • Charlie Company First Sergeant
  • Delta Company First Sergeant
  • Quartermaster


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