Recap of Fall 2018 Raider Competitions


The Raider Team comprises eight cadets who compete in a series of one-day, seven-event competitions that pose physical and mental challenges, such as the Army Physical Fitness Test, a 10K weighted road march, one-rope bridge and Raider Challenge Course or other obstacle course. Raiders operates with a never-quit, never-fail, always-win mentality and requires teamwork and cultivates camaraderie.

Clinton Raider Meet

This was the Raiders' first meet of the season. Not only was it their first raider meet, but also, it rained all day. The team had had two full weeks of practice before attending this meet. Twenty-four teams showed up, but due to the bad weather and the late start of the events, seven teams left early and did not compete. Head Coach John D. Biddle says he was pleased the team took second place on the one-rope bridge event.
Placed 7th overall out of 17 teams
One-Rope Bridge – 2nd place
10K Road March – 4th place (3rd place came in 2:29 faster than our team)
Raider Challenge Course – 11th place
Obstacle Course – 12th place
Army Physical Fitness Test – 12th place

Ozark Raider Meet

Team 1: 4th place overall out of 35 teams
Lumberjack Event – 1st place
Bucket Brigade Event – 3rd place
5K Team Run – 3rd place
Stone Quarry Event (Missed 3rd by 30 seconds) – 4th place
Litter Carry Event (Missed 3rd by 22 seconds) – 5th place
Agility Course (The difference between 3rd and 6th place was just 18 seconds) – 6th place
Iron Man – 14th place
Team 2: 10th place overall out of 35 teams
Lumberjack Event – 2nd place
Litter Carry Event – 6th place
Stone Quarry Event – 7th place
Iron Man – 8th place
Bucket Brigade Event – 9th place
Rucksack Relay – 12th place
Agility course – 13th place

Des Moines Raider Meet

Placed 3rd overall out of 25 teams
Biathalon – 5th place
Raider Challenge Course – 5th place

Leavenworth Raider Meet

Placed 10th overall out of 27 teams
One-Rope Bridge – 6th place
Cross Country Litter Carry – 6th place
Tire Pull (Missed 5th place by 5 seconds and 3rd place by 21 seconds) – 6th place
Iron Team Event – 8th place
Obstacle Course – 10th place
5K Cross Country Run – 15th place 

Raider Nationals

Placed 20th overall out of 31 teams
Gauntlet – 20th place
5K Run – 20th place
Cross Country Rescue – 21st place
Physical Team Test – 21st place
One-Rope Bridge – disqualified
Above information submitted by retired Sgt. 1st Class John D. Biddle, Army JROTC instructor.

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