Naviance – How MMA uses it to prepare cadets for college

What is Naviance?

A comprehensive college and career readiness solution, Naviance is a special online resource to help cadets plan their futures and maximize their academic success. Naviance uses a college, career and life readiness framework that is built on six key pillars of education: social-emotional learning, interpersonal skills, academic skills, career knowledge, college knowledge and transitional skills. MMA infuses these lessons into our cadet’s standard academic life to enhance their whole learning, going beyond standard subject matter enhancement.

Naviance helps connect academic achievement to postsecondary goals.  MMA uses Naviance to help teachers and faculty identify a cadet’s individual strengths, interests and postsecondary goals so they can reinforce the connection between what a cadet is learning with what his ultimate goals are in life. It also enhances the effectiveness and understanding of our college career counselor, so he may provide the best possible advice, resources and care when cadets begin applying to colleges.

Naviance is also used to optimize cadet success in the classroom through supplemental assigned weekly tasks. Assigned tasks are based on grade level, and evaluated for paced completion of specific e-documents and curriculum tasks. Their progress is tracked, and evaluated in terms of strengths and weaknesses, to help faculty identify each cadet’s individual needs.

What kinds of programs are offered on Naviance?

Naviance offers a wide variety of programs that helps cadets both realize and achieve their postsecondary goals using a single, structured online platform. A few examples of Naviance programs include:

  • ACT and SAT test prep (learn more about ACT prep support at MMA)
  • Naviance curriculum lessons
  • E-Docs for electronic delivery of transcripts and other documents for college applications
  • College, career and life readiness curriculum
  • Career exploration
  • Transitional skills
  • Interpersonal skills development
  • Social emotional skills development
  • Resume building 
  • Scholarship searches and applications

Ultimately, these programs help cadets learn more about themselves, give them the opportunity to explore their college and career options, and empower them to prepare for and make the best possible postsecondary decisions they can make for themselves.

Who can use Naviance?

Cadets, parents, teachers, faculty, counselors and administrators can all access a cadet’s Naviance records. New parents should have received their login information on Friday, September 6.

Parents and cadets can access their Naviance portal at, or through the downloadable NAVIANCE app available on tablets and smart phones.

Parents can also access Naviance through the Missouri Military Academy parent’s page at There, there is a blue Naviance button under the parent resource section that will directly access the MMA Naviance site.

For more information about Naviance, please contact Director of College & Career Placement Will Roundey at 573.581.1776 ext. 228 or

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