How are Cadets Cared for at MMA’s Ekern Health Center?

Whether for a cadet seeking routine care, evaluation of a sprain from athletic practice, relief from a seasonal cold, or a summer camper needing attention, the Ekern Health Center on MMA’s campus serves as a quiet place for cadets to be evaluated, rest and recover. Cared for by qualified medical professionals with decades of experience, every cadet is treated in accordance with the gold standard for medical care.

Routine Care

To receive any necessary daily medication, cadets visit the health center at their company-appointed times. When they arrive, they are greeted, have their temperature taken, instructed to use hand sanitizer, and given their prescribed medication according to the 8 Rights of Medication Administration.

Non-Routine Care

Similar to a visit to a medical office, the health center considers privacy and confidentiality a priority. When a cadet visits the health center with a medical complaint, they are taken to a private room dedicated to care and treatment, where they are interviewed about their symptoms and examined. Vital signs are taken and a physical assessment is made to determine if the cadet needs to be taken to the emergency room, urgent care or a physician’s office. If necessary, the health center will arrange that transportation.
With every visit, a cadet's symptoms and challenges are treated autonomously based on his own needs, with his best interest at heart. No matter how minor the situation, guardians are promptly notified about their cadet’s situation and empowered to consult with the health team regarding the medical needs of their cadet to develop a treatment plan.

COVID-19 Precautions

The Ekern Health Center stays proactive in monitoring and prevention to ensure the health and safety of cadets and MMA employees, including the following:

  • staggering routine visits, allowing a limited number of cadets in the clinic at a single time to support social distancing as much as possible
  • taking the temperatures of all cadets, faculty and staff every day (if anyone has a fever, they are immediately separated from the corps and evaluated)
  • carefully overseeing any needed off-campus medical appointments for cadets to avoid unnecessary exposure

Below, Ekern Health Center Director Jim Holloway checks the temperature of a cadet as he departs at the end of the 2020 academic year.

Health Center Staff Taking Military Academy Cadet Temperature


The Ekern Health Center is your primary contact for anything regarding medications, illnesses or injuries. Our staff is dedicated to supporting your cadet’s or camper's health and well-being at MMA. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact them at 573-581-1776, ext. 643 or via email at

Below, from left to right, Ekern Health Center staff — Mary Seibert, LPN; Jim Holloway, health center director; Tracey Forrest, health center administrative assistant; and Nellie Smith, LPN.


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