MMA’s Deputy Commandant James Poettker: An Integral Part of the Administration and Cadet Success

MMA’s Deputy Commandant James Poettker: An Integral Part of the Administration and Cadet Success

Missouri Military Academy (MMA) is a place where young men learn to take command of their futures and become leaders. A big part of this transformation comes from MMA’s dedicated deputy commandants, who ensure cadets are properly supervised, safe, and successful in reaching their full potential.

From teaching important values to coordinating transportation, from keeping cadets safe to ensuring they are correctly equipped and looking sharp, MMA’s deputy commandants go the extra mile to ensure that cadets are well taken care of.

“The deputy commandant positions are key administrative positions addressing the management of essential functions of the Academy in supporting the commandant, academic dean and athletic director,” says MMA President Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci, USA (Ret). 

Missouri Military Academy James Poettker

James Poettker, Deputy Commandant for Support and Quartermaster

MMA alumnus Poettker understands the transformative benefits of life at MMA.

“MMA’s role in the shaping of a young man cannot be understated,” Poettker says. “Due to the resilience cadets build during their time at MMA, they become prepared men of character who are suited to face the realities of life.”

Poettker helps cadets be set up for success during their time at the Academy. “As quartermaster, I make sure the cadets have what they need to succeed and look sharp in their uniforms,” he says. “This includes everything from the initial uniform issue, alterations, sewing patches on letter jackets, uniforms and more.”

Poettker plays a pivotal role in cultivating character and upholding Academy standards. As quartermaster, he directs, designs, controls and manages the quartermaster store and its inventory and operations. The primary function of the store is to equip and outfit cadets and employees in appropriate military attire, ensuring that uniforms are complete and meet the standards and requirements of the commandant. The quartermaster also manages the tailor shop, laundry, canteen and concessions, as well as supervises the employees of each. 

Poettker consistently plans and maintains inventory levels to support various programs. Additionally, he is involved in cadet registration events and in the timely shipping of cadet packages. His dedication and attention to detail make him an integral figure in helping cadets uphold Academy standards while fostering strong character development.

Poettker, a captain in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, has served for 10 years on active duty and the reserves. He holds a B.A. in history from Virginia Military Institute and an MBA from Liberty University. In his free time, he enjoys reading, running and weight training.


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