MMA Unveils Stribling Hall Holiday Ornament

MMA families, alumni and friends of the Academy can show their MMA pride on their Christmas trees! These beautiful, one-of-a-kind brass ornaments depict a three-dimensional image of Stribling Hall. 

About Stribling Hall

Constructed in 1900, Stribling Hall was originally known as the Administration Building, but in 1981 the Board of Trustees renamed the building Stribling Hall as a tribute to Col. C.R. Stribling in his 62nd year with MMA. Col. Stribling served as a faculty member and commandant from 1920-1933, president from 1933-1968, chairman of the board from 1968-1983.

In its early years, Stribling Hall housed the entirety of the Academy, including the Headquarters Company which housed cadets, the mess hall, the chapel (later converted to the library) and classrooms. Today it houses the offices for the president, business, admissions and marketing, as well as the quartermaster. 

Ask any “old boy,” and he will proudly tell you all of the traditions that have stood the test of time and continue to this day. No cadet was allowed to walk on the stairs of Stribling Hall, dating back to when the constant traffic was wearing on the wooden steps. No cadet was permitted to run in front of Stribling Hall out of respect for the Academy, or to walk in front of Stribling Hall out of uniform.

Today Stribling Hall sits in the middle of a picturesque campus surrounded by buildings from the past and present. It’s beautiful, iconic gold dome is visible from the edge of campus, displaying the pride MMA holds as an institution.

Order Yours Today

Individuals who wish to order a Stribling Hall holiday ornament should contact Quartermaster Rick Dehlinger at or at 573-581-1776, ext. 429. You can also order online here.

Ornaments are $15 and can be picked up directly at the cadet store on campus or shipped home. Parents are advised to order theirs prior to holiday furloughs so cadets can bring them home for the holidays.

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