Missouri Military Academy's Technology Commitment

Feature photo: Cadet Yuheng Liu works diligently on his MMA-provided computer to complete his coursework.

At Missouri Military Academy, we believe that education in the 21st century is successfully achieved through a combination of (1) relational teaching, where faculty get to know each cadet — his personality and intellect — in order to best motivate and connect with him, and (2) leveraging the right digital tools to support cadet achievement and college and career preparation.  

The Academy is dedicated to providing the technological infrastructure needed to support cadets’ education and provide a safe environment for residential life. This dedication is reflected in our strategic plan, which includes direction to enhance cadets’ digital learning environment by aggressively leveraging digital tools. 

Below, learn about a few of the ways that MMA has invested in technology to support cadet achievement. 

In the classroom 

  • MMA is a one-to-one learning environment. Every cadet is given a laptop for their use at the Academy. Currently, that laptop is a HP Elitebook (Core i5, 256 SSD Hard Drive, 16GB Ram, Touchscreen). 

  • Koster Media Center provides a state-of-the-art digital learning environment that supports easy use for distance learning and connecting with others through such tools as Zoom or Skype.  

Koster Media Center provides a state-of-the-art setting for distance learning and virtual connections. 

  • The MMA Technology Department collaborates with Academics to provide a computer science/information technology (IT) internship program for interested cadets. Each year, up to 12 cadets can participate each semester, working with MMA’s chief information officer (CIO) and gaining valuable experience and insight into computer science and IT careers. 

  • MMA classrooms are equipped with technology to enhance learning. In nearly every classroom, smart boards (or interactive whiteboards) are available for faculty to connect what’s on their computers to a projector, sharing their computer screen with the class. 

Across campus 

  • MMA provides strong WiFi capability and Internet bandwidth through dual gigabit fiber-optic internet connections and 10GB internal network connections between campus buildings. 

MMA's livestream technology setup enables MMA to stream athletic and formal events on livestream.com/MMA 

  • Access to most campus buildings is limited to those with keycards, supporting a safe and secure campus environment for our cadets. 

  • Two hundred eighteen surveillance video cameras cover our 288-acre campus to enhance security and provide peace of mind of parents. 

MMA's security system conducting surveillance around campus. 

For more information or any questions about technology at MMA, please contact CIO David Wilkins at 573-581-1776, ext. 428, or via email at David.wilkins@missourimilitaryacademy.com. 

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