Missouri Military Academy Summer Workout Program

Make the most of your summer! MMA provides a summer workout plan to help cadets improve physically and prepare mentally for upcoming sports in fall.  

“The mindset of expecting more from oneself is what we want every cadet to achieve,” said Dr. Ryan Nowlin, MMA athletic director. “After following this program on a regular basis, it will help cadets rise to a higher level of discipline and performance.” 

The challenging workout program includes elements of strength training and cardio, including weight lifting, speed and agility drills, plyometric exercises, abdominal exercises, a running test and more. Each exercise has detailed instructions and photos for proper form and techniques – from starting position to movement – for each exercise. At the end of the instructions, there is a daily workout schedule for the months of June and July, with gradual increasing difficulty each week.  

“This program is designed for the athlete to struggle and feel defeated early on, to face adversity, eventually rise up and overcome. Learning how to overcome and deal with adversity is one of life’s greatest lessons, one that needs to be learned at an early age and reinforced with constant practice over time,” said Nowlin. “We expect every cadet to utilize this program so they return to campus in the best shape of their life, ready for the fall athletic season. We want him to see the results of his dedication, returning to MMA as a bigger, faster and stronger athlete.”  

You can download the workout here. Cadets are encouraged to contact Dr. Nowlin if they have questions regarding any of the workout. 

About MMA Athletics  

MMA believes daily physical activity is crucial to a young man's positive development, which is why we offer varsity-level sports in baseball, basketball, soccer, football, golf, swimming, tennis, wrestling and cross-country. Cadets can also participate as members of the drill team, equestrian program, JROTC Raiders, Color Guard and rifle team. 

MMA sports are about more than winning competitions. Coaches aim to use athletics as a tool to teach greater personal discipline, a team mentality, the value of sportsmanship and the rewards of hard work and grit – a sharp reflection of MMA's overall values. 

Learn more about MMA athletics here. 

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