MMA Rifle Team Victorious at Civilian Marksmanship Program Championship

On Saturday, January 30, Missouri Military Academy’s (MMA) rifle team scored top marks at the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) 3PAR Championships. MMA’s rookie team earned 1st place against 8 other rookie teams, and MMA’s veteran team earned 4th place out of 13 seasoned teams.  

“We have an exceptional group of cadets on the rifle team this year,” said Cpt. Joseph Balvanz, rifle team coach. “Our rookie team outperformed our veteran team from the last Missouri State Championship, and our veteran team met the challenge of a very competitive bracket.”  

In addition to their first place victory, the following individual rookie firers earned top marks:  

  • Team leader Ethan Zinser, junior, scored an impressive 517, which placed him 2nd in the state against rookie sporter firers.  

  • Clayton Nelson, junior, scored as the highest shooter in the prone position in the state with an unbelievable 198-14.  

Of the individual veteran firers, team leader Lance Newland scored an impressive 550, earning him 3rd place in the state against veteran sporter firers.  

See photos from the CMP 3PAR Championships here

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