What is a review at Missouri Military Academy? 

At Missouri Military Academy (MMA), military reviews are reserved for special moments of the MMA experience – events such as Fall Family Weekend, Spring Family Weekend, Homecoming and Veterans Day. A proud component of military school life, reviews provide our cadets with visible proof of the structure, self-discipline and self-respect that students at other middle schools and high schools do not learn. 

What to Expect 

A review consists of four stages: a formation of troops, inspection, presentation and honors, and a march in review. 

First is the formation of troops, in which MMA’s battalion staff (cadet leaders) and band lead MMA’s four companies – Band, Bravo, Charlie and Delta – onto Colonels Field.  

The second stage – inspection – will see staff officers “trooping the line.”  

Stage three is presentation and honors, in which awards and recognitions are bestowed upon deserving individuals and the national anthem is played. In stage four, the Corps of Cadets pass in review in tribute to the honorees. 

History of Military Reviews 

Use of reviews can be traced to the Middle Ages when rulers would demonstrate the strength of their armies by holding elaborate military events. At the beginning of the 17th Century, armies throughout the world began adopting the regimental system. In this, regiments were assigned a specific color or number for identification and position on the battlefield. In the American Army, reviews were initiated during the Revolutionary War by George Washington’s drill master Baron Friedrich Von Steuben, whose guidance forms the backbone of the drill and ceremonies of the US Army to this day.  

The presence of the band represents the significant role that the drum, fife and other musical instruments have played throughout military history for signaling in camp or on the battlefield.  

The colors at the center of the formation represents their presence at the forefront of the unit during the heat of battle. In battle, the color or flag party marched at the front and center of its unit as a point for the unit to organize itself around. By leading the unit in battle, the colors became prime targets because victories were expressed in terms of the number of enemy colors captured; so, the color party bore the brunt of the battle and suffered heavy casualties.  

Today, the Color Guard posts at the center of the formation as a reminder of its historic significance. 

Cadet News

teacher with flowers

Missouri Military Academy’s Peggy Reynard has been selected as Mexico area’s 2020 Educator of the Year. During her time at MMA, she has taught keyboarding, accounting, international business, business law, global business studies, pre-algebra, algebra and geometry. She also served as the business department chair from 1996 until 2020.

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