MMA Receives Grant from Missouri American Water

MMA Receives Grant from Missouri American Water

Missouri Military Academy was selected to receive a $1,018 grant from the Missouri American Water Hydration Station Grant Program to provide cadets with fresh drinking water. Out of over 80 applications, MMA was one of 20 schools, cities or non-profit organizations chosen to receive the funding. 

According to Missouri American Water external affairs manager Samantha Williams, the idea for the grant program emerged during the pandemic, which led to an increased number of children using water bottles at schools. The program will provide funds for hydration stations and water fountains to keep people hydrated while also protecting the environment.

Roughly 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away every day. “By offering a hydration station and encouraging people to use a refillable water bottle … it eliminates that need for the plastic bottle,” Williams said. 

“We’re excited to receive the funding,” said Rob Silbaugh, MMA vice president for advancement. “This new water station will enable all of our cadets to make a conscious choice to help the environment every time they refill their water bottles.” 

Now, with the hydration station, when cadets go on a hike or participate in athletics, they can fill their water bottles at the Academy, using fewer plastic water bottles.  

2022 is the grant program’s inaugural year. MMA plans to use the grant funding to purchase one water hydration station which will be placed in a barracks for convenient cadet use. The Academy plans to reapply for more funding next year to continue to equip each barracks with a station. 

Thank you to Missouri American Water for selecting MMA to receive this grant! 

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