MMA Raiders Team Places at National Competition

MMA Raiders Team Places at National Competition

The Missouri Military Academy Raiders Team put forth an impressive effort at the U.S. Army National Championships Nov. 6 – 7 in Molena, Georgia. Following the two-day competition, the MMA team ranked 19th overall out of 30 teams, moving up one spot from last year.

The JROTC nationally sanctioned Raiders Competition is a military-style competition conducted with an eight-man team. The one-day event includes a 5K road march, Raider Challenge Course, Physical Team Test (PTT), and Gauntlet Course, one-rope bridge and obstacle course. The competition is a precursor to the ROTC collegiate-level Ranger Competition and builds teamwork and comradery between cadets.

This year, the Colonels ranked 20th in PTT, with a time of 3:58. They came in 12th place in the 5K, with a time of 26.04 (also note, the first 1.5 miles are uphill all the way). The Colonels rounded out the events with 13th in the gauntlet (time 8:57), 25th in the CCR (time 13.02) and a time of 4:42 on the one-rope challenge.

Members of the 2021-22 Colonels Raiders Team who traveled to the national competition include: Cadets Colin Beck, Wayland Evans, Michael Henderson, Gabriel Iglesias Osorio, Brett Miles, Ryan Miles, Clayton Nelson, Gabriel Ontiveros, Patricio Regis, Gavin Roberts, Ian Robison, Lucas Sydlewski, Kevin Wang, Samuel Way, René Garcia-Garza (manager) and William Terrell (attended, did not compete). They are led by Coach SFC John Biddle.

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