MMA Honors Col. Stribling with Statue Dedication

During Homecoming 2019 on Saturday, September 14, Missouri Military Academy honored former Academy President Col. Charles R. Stribling ’44, who spent more than 75 years in dedicated service to MMA and its mission, at the Col. Stribling Statue Dedication Ceremony. Read more about the statue and Col. Stribling's history at MMAScroll down to watch video of the ceremony.
During the ceremony, MMA President Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci, USA (Ret) addressed the crowd of alumni, parents, cadets and other supporters. President Geraci expressed gratitude for Phil Baum’s donation of materials to make this statue possible. Baum is an MMA alumnus, Class of 1963. Geraci also thanked Director of Facilities Greg Morton and the facilities team for their work in placing the statue on campus and Cheryl Morris, MMA art teacher and well-known local artist, for her role in the project — creating an artist’s rendition for positioning the statue. 

"As for Javier Campuzano, he has inspired all of us and future generations of cadets," Geraci said. "What inspired him to do the sculpture was to send the message that Colonel Stribling III was an example, mentor, and brother to all of us ... Javier wanted to portray him as a father figure guiding cadets, close to the corps, and portray the respect he had for him as the president."

To maintain Col Stribling’s legacy, front and center, for all of our current and future cadets, the statue stands where every cadet walks daily, passing from the barracks to Barnard Hall. 

To emphasize the importance of the statue, the brick around the statue are the same as the bricks on Senior Walk, which the statue faces.

Geraci also shared that those cadets who do not meet the high standards set forth by Col Stribling may find themselves in full dress uniform, standing at parade rest facing the statue to reflect on how to abide by MMA’s rules and regulations, for a time period designated by the commandant or president.     


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