MMA Fusileers Take the JROTC Drill Competition Trophy

MMA Fusileers Take the JROTC Drill Competition Trophy

On Tuesday, January 26, the MMA Fusileer Drill Team emerged victorious at the JROTC Drill Competition in Waynesville, Missouri. In addition to scoring high as a team, several cadets scored in the top ten of over 50 other cadets in the individual drill down.  

Altogether, they placed:  

  • 1st place for Armed Exhibition 
  • 2nd place for New Platoon 
  • 3rd place for Armed Color Guard and Armed Overall 

In the Individual Drill Down, the following cadets placed in the top 10:  

  • Cadet Bowen – 2nd place 
  • Cadet Hamilton – 5th place 
  • Cadet Woodruff – 7th place 

“The Fusileers work hard for each individual competition. In my opinion, we are in the top percentile of high schools that compete,” said Fusileer Coach Rick Dehlinger. “We are the best of the best, not a doubt in my mind. Drill is a snapshot of our military bearing, military drill and our school pride. We owe [our hard work] to the Academy, former Fusileers – our alumni brothers – and most importantly, our team.”  

This Saturday, February 6, the team will move on to compete at the JROTC Fusileer Drill competition at Joplin High School in Joplin, Missouri. 

“We will compete against some very good schools this weekend, but I am confident our team is ready for the challenge. We work very hard to keep focus and drill with precision and perfection, and I believe in my commanders and their charges to give their very best every time their highly polished shoes step on the drill floor.”  

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