MMA Families Share What They Are Thankful For

‘Tis the season to reflect on the year and what we are most thankful for!

At MMA, we are thankful for a strong community of parents, alumni and Academy friends who support our mission to provide the discipline, structure, accountability, leadership, and life lessons that transform young men’s lives.

We are thankful for the diverse group of cadets in our care, young men who inspire us each day with their growth and development.

We are thankful for the opportunity to work as a team to help advance and empower the next great generation of leaders. We know that, through every cadet we send into the world more prepared, confident, motivated and disciplined, we make the world a better place.

Below, see what a few MMA parents are thankful for this season in regards to their cadet’s MMA education…


“My son is in his fourth year. I’m thankful for so many things and people. Thank you to all faculty, past and present. I’m thankful for the relationships made through this great process. I have new family members I could never live without. I’m thankful for my son having a brighter future thanks to choosing MMA. I’m also thankful for the relationships he’s made and how they have impacted his everyday life.” — Jennifer Harrison, mother of Cadet Kevith Sangster


“I am beyond thankful for the structure, education and compassion this school has given my son in just the few short months he has been there. Everyone from the nurses and kitchen staff to the teachers and administrators. A special thank you to RFO Lieutenant Wright for his personal dedication. Taking my multiple phone calls, never making me feel like a burden, while keeping my son’s best interest at heart. As someone who is used to being the sole voice fighting for her son throughout 11 years in a public school, it is a blessing to feel like I have an army of people (ha!) to support my child. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year brings.” — Michelle Perris, mother of Cadet Grant Perris


“I am grateful for so many aspects of MMA. It has not only changed my son’s life, it has changed mine. At the time I was considering MMA, it was the hardest decision I had to make. Today, it has been the best decision I have ever made.

A beautiful campus with a legacy rich in history. A chapel where the boys can retreat for peace, prayer or worship. Diverse young men from around the world bringing together different cultures to create their own and forming an extended family. The faculty that challenge my son to reach beyond and expand his potential whether it be academically, musically or athletically. The character and integrity of those surrounding him daily that set the example of honor, truth and love. People that I have quickly bonded with, created unforgettable memories with and those that are now some of my closest friends. The support system and leadership of the Parent Committee and our Facebook Parents page. The opportunities for leadership that give my son a sense of accomplishment and pride. The impressive reviews and formations the cadets work so incredibly hard on and how unbelievably handsome they look in their uniforms. The pride they take in their appearance is heartwarming! Those that provide a sense of motherly love or a nurturing hug to my son when I am two states away and cannot be there to do so myself means the world to me.

I could go on and on but there really are no words that adequately describe the brotherhood I have witnessed at MMA. And for my son, who is an only child, that brotherhood has given him the brothers that he has always wanted.” — Elizabeth Royse, mother of Cadet Noah Royse


“We’re thankful for the MMA environment that provides safety, structure and grace for our boys as they navigate challenging years of becoming responsible, respectful and honorable young men. So glad there’s a place like MMA that gets that boys will be boys make mistakes and learn from them. We’re thankful for the staff at MMA that partners with our families and for being a part of our boys’ village. And we’re thankful for each of you!” — Kristie Wagstaff, mother of Cadet Joshua Odejoke-Maxwell


“Our family is thankful for every single staff member at MMA who so selflessly dedicates themselves and their services to influence the future for our son! We are beyond thankful to be able to give this opportunity to our son and encouraged by his realization of the endless avenues of success that are right at his fingertips.” — Jennifer Kjolhede, mother of Cadet Landon Kjolhede


“I'm thankful for the opportunities [my cadet has] had at MMA ... from scuba diving to flying lessons. And I'm even more thankful for a dedicated team of teachers who sacrifice personal time to help each and every boy!” — Erica Newland, mother of Cadet Lance Newland


“I am so very grateful for MMA helping [my cadet] achieve all he can be. January 2020 will be one year. In that time, he's been promoted and playing the violin, is doing wrestling, drill team and maintaining 3.7+ GPA. Plus he's nicer to me and our relationship had improved.” — Tammy Marie Fontana, mother of Cadet Oskar Fontana


“Thankful for the diversity of students here at MMA and the exposure to different cultures and languages that it brings!” — Rob English, father of Cadet William English


“I have been thankful for the connections I have made, fellow parents, alumni and staff. It’s been helpful in so many ways!” — Wendy Matthews, mother of Cadet Miles Matthews


“So thankful for the teachers who have worked hard and really know my son and have found the key that inspires him to do better.” — Lauren Fogarty, mother of cadet William Fogarty


“I am thankful for finding MMA! I am so thankful for the wonderful teachers I met this past Fall Family Weekend. Thank you, MMA teachers, for caring so much about my boy and all the boys! Thank you for getting to know my son and encouraging him. I am thankful for the extra time and dedication you give them. And thankful for all the MMA staff!” — Kelly Dexter, mother of Cadet Enrique Padron


“I’m thankful to have a tribe of people pouring into my son helping him to achieve more out of these years and helping prepare him into the man he will be.” — Collette Chamberlin, mother of Cadet Caleb Chamberlin


“I am grateful for all the opportunities provided to [my cadet]. He is getting a great education in a safe environment. He participates in Color Guard, rifle team and is learning about horses. Thanks to the outstanding staff caring for our sons.” — Brenda Douthit, mother of Cadet Jared Douthit


“I am thankful he is happy and doing a great job.” — Amy Leuthauser, mother of Cadet Joseph Guttmann


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