MMA Corps of Cadets Receives Top Scores in JROTC Program for Accreditation Inspection

The inspector, representing Cadet Command's 3rd Brigade, and the professor of military science (PMS) from the University of Missouri, both expressed they were very impressed by both the relevance and importance of the project, and how well the cadets articulated themselves during the briefings. The inspector noted consistent, high quality performance from the cadets who participated in both the 2016 inspection and in this year’s. He also noted substantial improvements in the MMA JROTC instructor performance, curriculum execution, and program achievements including the Raider, Rifle, and Drill team advancements.
Missouri Military Academy cadet presents corps to JPA inspector
Cadet RIchard Choy, 130th battalion commander, presents the corps to LTC Gary Kerr, University of Missouri professor of military science.
Missouri Military Academy welcome brief during JPA inspection
CPT Ret. Joseph Balvanz, JROTC senior Army instructor, provides a welcome brief to inspectors from the US Army Cadet Command 3rd Brigade Black Hawks and cadre and senior ROTC cadets from the University of Missouri.
Missouri Military Academy cadets introduce themselves to inspection staff
Our battalion command and staff introduce themselves to the inspecting party at the start of the battalion continuous improvement project.
Missouri Military Academy present barracks for inspection staff
Cadet Commanders Griffin Henry, Bravo Company, and Samuel Guo, Band Company, present Bravo Company barracks to members of the barracks inspection team.
Missouri Military Academy cadets move at quick pace to fall in line
Members of Band Company move at a quick pace on the command of "Fall In," given by Cadet Loyal Smith, Band Company sergeant, during the Platoon Drill evaluation.
Missouri Military Academy perform Color Guard sequence
Members of the MMA nationally ranked color guard, commanded by Cadet Michael Naughton, perform the Color Guard sequence during the accreditation.
Missouri Military Academy cadets report prepared for inspection
The 130th MMA Corps of Cadets report as prepared for the formal In-Ranks Inspection in our field house.
Missouri Military Academy performs for inspection
Cadet Pedro Garduno of Charlie Company executes the five-count movement Inspection, Arms as the University of Missouri senior military instructor observes and takes notes.
Missouri Military Academy cadet answers questions during JPA inspection
Cadet Zeth Colin, Band Company first sergeant, is asked numerous questions during the In-Ranks Inspection.
Missouri Military Academy is inspected by MMA president
Cadet Omena Oberuvwu, Delta Company first sergeant, is inspected from head to toe by Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci, US Army (Ret), 11th president of Missouri Military Academy.
Missouri Military Academy is inspected by Col. Grabowski
Commandant Rick Grabowski conducts his own leadership check of Cadet Griffin Henry immediately following the In-Ranks Inspection.
Missouri Military Academy cadet command staff
President Geraci stands proudly with the 130th corps command and staff following the formal portion of the 2019 JROTC Program of Accreditation on April 16, 2019.

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