MMA Colonels Soccer Team Wins Moberly Invitational  

MMA Colonels Soccer Team Wins Moberly Invitational  

For the second year in a row, the Missouri Military Academy Colonels soccer team won their division in the Moberly Invitational, going 3-0 in the blue division after beating Smith Cotton 1-0, Wright City 4-1 and Kirksville 2-1.

As reported by Jeremy Jacob of The Mexico Ledger on Sept. 20, "Head coach Elliot Goodwin said he was glad MMA was able to win the title outright this season as it finished 2-0-1 last year and needed the tiebreaker of least goals conceded. He said the defense is a big reason why the victory is sweeter this year, and the Colonels have a 'centerback partnership' Avin Hernandez and Gaston Gastelum leading their back line." Read Jacobs' full article online.

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Jacob, The Mexico Ledger. 

To celebrate their great accomplishments, Coach Goodwin and Athletic Director Brian Meny recognized the soccer team in front of the corps of cadets during lunch on September 19.

Four cadets were voted as Moberly Tournament first-team athletes, pictured below. From left to right: Cadets Gabriel Rodriguez Sanchez, Aaron Gonzalez Rodriguez, Jose Orozco and Avin Hernandez.





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