MMA Cadets Tour Washington D.C. and New York Historical Sites on Educational Tour


"To see the enthusiasm for learning as we tour is always a blessing for me to experience,” Rhonda Blaue, executive assistant to the president and chaperone on this trip, said. “Our boys represented MMA with dignity and had a fantastic time touring the most important spots in D.C. and New York City."

In Washington D.C., cadets visited and toured the …

They also saw several memorial sites, including the …

Cadets also stopped to pay respects to veterans at the Arlington National Cemetery. There, Cadet Ayden Garcia was able to honor his grandfather, a 27-year Navy serviceman who served in World War II and the Vietnam War.

In New York, cadets traveled via subway and toured several landmark destinations, including

They also saw Blue Man Group, a theatrical performance on Broadway.

To maximize the educational value of the experience, MMA partnered with WorldStrides, a student travel organization with an unmatched safety record and 50 years of experience delivering top-quality educational travel programs. The program provided a licensed guide with expertise in the attractions.

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