Two Missouri Military Academy Seniors Sign with Missouri Valley College 

Two Missouri Military Academy Seniors Sign with Missouri Valley College 

At the 2021 Winter Sports Banquet on March 17, 2021, Missouri Military Academy (MMA) Cadets Christopher Bryant and Phasakorn Cunningham officially signed to play football for Missouri Valley College (MVC). Both cadets have accepted scholarships and plan to attend MVC.  

Bryant and Cunningham were recruited by a MVC recruiter who watched them compete via livestream, and they were officially offered scholarships and asked to sign with MVC when they visited the campus on February 28. See more MVC signing photos here.

For their final MMA football season, Bryant (running back and linebacker) and Cunningham (center and defensive line) were named first team all-district. Their season stats are as follows:  

  • Bryant had 116 tackles, 2 sacks, 7 touchdowns and 497 rushing yards 
  • Cunningham had 77 tackles, 3 sacks, 3 recovered fumbles 

Regarding their signing, MMA Football Coach Jimmy Peyton made the following statement:  

Christopher Bryant and Phasakorn Cunningham bought into our winning-mindset vision, and they dedicated themselves to changing the culture of our football program. The leadership and determination they have displayed this year will set the example for future players for years to come.  It was truly an honor to have the opportunity to coach these two young men and I will always be indebted to them for the changes they’ve made for our football program.  

I want these two young men to understand how important their selfless service and dedication is – and always will be – to our football program and the Academy.  These cadets did not have it easy, but they made a choice for the greater good of the Academy and their MMA brothers, and they never wavered in their commitment to achieving their goal of a winning football season.   

It was great to watch these young men grow in football and overcome adversity on a weekly basis.  The examples they set for younger players is what I want future players to learn.  These two were always the first at practice and the last to leave. When things got hard, they were always the first ones to focus on execution and solutions instead of the adverse situation they were dealing with.  Young men like these two deserve scholarships to play at the next level. They are dominant high school players who understand effort, attitude, hard work, structure and discipline.  There is no doubt in my mind Christopher Bryant and Phasakorn Cunningham will be great additions to Missouri Valley College’s football program.    

Christopher Bryant is a fearless competitor and exceptional leader.  His best football is ahead of him.  2020 was his first year of high school football and he did an exceptional job. Chris is an extremely coachable player who is tough, physical and likes to hit, and that will be what gets him on the field at the next level.   

Phasakorn Cunningham is dedicated and smart.  He has the ability to understand the game like a coach on the field.  Cunningham was the strength of our offensive line.  Playing center in our offense isn’t easy but he made it look that way.  He always had the front call and blocking scheme right so we could execute offensively.  Cunningham was the heart and soul of an offense that scored 49 touchdowns.  He is extremely coachable and has a great feel for the game.  He will be a great player at the collegiate level.  

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