MMA Cadets Invited to Join Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Troop 1889

MMA Cadets Invited to Join Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Troop 1889

For more than 100 years, both Missouri Military Academy (MMA) and Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have been helping young men reach their full potential through a curriculum of academic and leadership skills, and by imparting values of duty, honor and selfless service.

MMA cadets are invited to join the Academy’s BSA Troop 1889 (named in honor of the year of MMA’s founding) for fun and challenging experiences that will enhance their positive character development and leadership skills. MMA’s unique environment – both campus and culture – provides the optimal structure, consistency, and opportunities to advance as a Scout, while enhancing the MMA brotherhood experience.

 "Scouting helps me meet more friends," says Cadet Kamil Sanchez, an 8th grader from Mexico City, Mexico. "It is amazing the things that we get to do."

“Scouting helps develop academic and leadership skills, builds self-confidence, and creates a greater understanding of citizenship. The things learned in Scouts are the same principles, values, and skills that are the core of MMA,” said MMA Scoutmaster Rob Silbaugh.

Silbaugh says that progress within Scouts can have a positive impact upon a cadets’ rank advancement within the corps. The commandant’s office is notified of merit badges earned and Scout advancement.

“Being a Scout helps set you apart from others,” says Silbaugh. “If you become an Eagle Scout, it will open doors for you that you could have never imagined.”

During the 2022-23 academic year, MMA Scouts will meet every Tuesday from 8-9 PM in the Gymtorium. Required dress will be PT uniform. 

Planned activities this year include:

  • canoe trip: September 10
  • Kansas City Royals game: September 23
  • bike ride on Katy Trail: October 15
  • camping: November 11-12
  • ski trip: January or February (Date TBA)

On October 8, cadets will also have the opportunity to attend Merit Badge University at the University of Missouri-Columbia to earn extra merit badges – many of which are required to earn Eagle Scout rank. Some opportunities at Merit Badge University will include:

  • creative badges, such as art, music, painting
  • business badges, such as entrepreneurship, salesmanship, American business
  • citizenship badges, such as citizenship in the community, citizenship in the nation, citizenship in society, citizenship in the world (these four are required for Eagle Scouts)
  • safety badges, such as fire safety; search and rescue; signs, signals and code; first aid (required for Eagle Scouts)
  • academic badges, such as genealogy, geology, Indian lore, American cultures, robotics, space exploration, veterinary medicine, disabilities awareness
  • environmental badges, such as fish and wildlife management, weather, exploration
  • communicative badges, such as public speaking, communication (required for Eagle Scouts)
  • and much more.

Whether new to Scouts or already participating in their hometown, cadets in middle school and high school are welcome to join – simply show up to the next Scout meeting on Tuesday.

With questions about joining Troop 1889, please contact Scoutmaster and Vice President for Institutional Advancement Rob Silbaugh at

Photos from BSA Boating Safety Class on Sept. 6, 2022

"We got to learn the basics of the raft and canoe. They taught us about the paddle and how to use it. It was very fun using the raft. We got to race in the raft and learn to work as a team." — Cadet Henry Scribner, an 8th grader from Springfield, Missouri.





Thank you to Rick Dehlinger for photos. 

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