Missouri Military Academy Adding Archery to JROTC Curriculum  

In partnership with the U.S. Army’s JROTC program, Missouri Military Academy was selected to receive archery materials to add an archery program to the JROTC curriculum.  MMA aims to implement archery into the JROTC program as early as spring 2021 and as an extracurricular activity by early summer. 

Materials MMA has received include 30 junior compound bows, 360 target arrows, 3 bow tower rack systems, 15 targets and 2 backstop nets. The course will begin with safety and terminology lessons, followed by proper form and techniques, and finally target practice.   

Physically, archery offers several benefits to cadets – from gaining strength in their arms, core, chest and shoulders to improving coordination and balance. Mentally, archery teaches a growth mindset, goal setting and focus, while also increasing confidence and precision.   

“Similar to rifle marksmanship, archery is a cerebral sport. There is a lot to be gained by marksmanship with the bow,” Captain Balvanz said. “Cadets will learn self-discipline, how to operate within their own headspace and to clear their mind. On paper it may look like we are just shooting targets, but there are many, much deeper lessons than that cadets will be learning.”   

With questions about how your cadet can participate, please contact Director of Alumni & Parent Engagement Cassandra Brooks at cassandra.brooks@missourimilitaryacademy.com.  



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