Missouri Military Academy Rifle Team Off to a Strong Start for the 2019 Season

MMA’s rifle team is beginning the season with a strong start at the Orion League Postal and the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) League Postal.  

September 30, MMA cadets defeated the Jackson Area Air Force JROTC in an undisputed contest by scoring 788 points total at the Orion league postal. The top team shot was captured by rookie Blake Morais. Individual scores for the Orion postal can be viewed here.

Cadets who participated in the Orion postal included Blake Morias, Cole Miracle, Jacob Javier, William Lockwood, Even Schreyer, Erickson Kagame, Landry Rudisingwa and Evan Dawson.

At their second Orion League Postal on October 7, MMA scored high but ultimately lost to the American Legion Post 41 from Keyser, West Virginia. Overall, MMA’s team, represented by Cadets William Baker, Evan Dawson, William Lockwood, and Rene Garcia, scored 890 points total.

At this competition, William Baker took top team shot with 249 points, and achieved a team-high prone score at 93 and team-high kneeling score at 84. Evan Dawson took second on the team with 216 points, and Blake Morais took team-high standing with a score of 78.

At the NMSZ league postal on October 11, MMA defeated Farmington High School JROTC. At this postal, MMA’s A team (Cadets William Baker, Blake Morais, Rene Garcia, and Landy Nguyen) scored 877 points total, and cadets in the B team (Jared Douthit, Cole Miracle, Jacob Javier and Evan Dawson) scored 764 points.

Setting a high standard for his teammates, William Baker, who was recently selected to be the rifle team captain for the 131st MMA Corps of Cadets, took top team shot with a total of 249 points. He also achieved the high prone score at 86 and high kneeling score at 88.

Blake Morais took second with a total of 227 points, and Jared Douthit took team high standing at 82. 

On October 18, MMA defeated Hickman High School at the MNSZ League Postal, increasing their league score to 3-0. MMA’s A team (Cadets Rene Garcia, William Baker, Evan Dawson, and Blake Morais) scored 936 points total, and MMA’s B team (Cadets Landy Nguyen, Jared Douthit, Cole Miracle, and William Lockwood) scored 869 points total.                              

At this competition, Cadet Rene Garcia, who was recently selected to be rifle team junior captain for the 131st MMA Corps of Cadets, scored top shot with 257 points.

This week, MMA will compete against Hickman High School again in the NMSZ League Postal on October 23 and take on a very competitive New Bern, North Carolina Navy JROTC team in the Orion League Postal on October 24.

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