Middle School Cadets Learn Robotics Programming in Fall 2020

In the final three weeks of the fall 2020 semester, middle school cadets participating in Ms. Miller's robotics class undertook their last and final lesson, programming. They focused on what programming is and how to take a task and break it down into pseudocode, which helps them write programs. Cadets started with programming tasks in which they ran motors left or right, full speed, half speed, reverse, and then for certain lengths of time. 

Once these benchmarks were achieved, they moved into more complicated formats. Cadets programmed a "wait until bump switch is hit" to then run a certain portion or the entire program. They also worked on creating programs with different sections which were called "until loops."  

Cadets programmed a 10-second LED light show using a segment of a song of their choice. This may seem like a simple task; however, it was a challenge to get the light change and beat of their selected song in perfect timing. Their project results are impressive! Cadets worked hard to master their task. 

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