President Geraci Meets with Alumni and MMA Families in Mexico

President Geraci Meets with Alumni and MMA Families in Mexico

MMA President Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci, USA (Ret), Vice President for Advancement Rob Silbaugh, and International Enrollment Counselor Matthias McCurren visited México City and Monterrey in March 2023. Joined by Paul Petit '85, MMA Mexico admissions consultant, they met with alumni and current families to update them on the latest achievements and strategic initiatives for the corps of cadets. They also met with prospective families to answer questions about attending MMA. 

Below, Carlos De La Garza hosted an event for the visiting MMA group. All enjoyed sharing their MMA experiences.

Back, left:  Carlos Villarreal, Cesar Anaya, Paul Petit '85, Albino Ramos, and Matthias McCurren. Middle: Robert Silbaugh, BG Geraci, Gabriel Ontiveros. Front: Mario Cavazos and Carlos De La Garza.

Below, alumni took pride in wearing their MMA letter jackets for an MMA gathering held at Hotel Safi Valle. 

Front: Alan Flores '99, BG Geraci, Tomas Gonzalez '94, Fidel Cantu '01, and Robert Silbaugh. Back: Rene Garcia '22, Matthias McCuerren, Paul Petit '85 , Christian Gutierrez '08, and James Jacuzzi '11.

Below, President Geraci briefs alumni about the latest Academy news.

Missouri Military Academy President Geraci briefs alumni on the latest Academy news.


Cadet News

Missouri Military Academy eighth grade Cadet Pittman receives writing award

Two eighth-grade MMA cadets were chosen to compete in the Missouri State High School Activities Association Middle-Level Sportsmanship and Citizenship Essay contest. Judges selected the top two MMA essays, written by Cadets Easton Nance and Harrison Pittman, to continue in higher rounds of judging. Congratulations to both cadets for their achievement, with a special congratulations to Pittman, whose essay was chosen as a district winner.

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