Local Lawyers Educate MMA Cadets on the Rights and Responsibilities of Adulthood

Local Lawyers Educate MMA Cadets on the Rights and Responsibilities of Adulthood

Paul and Mary Seigfreid, lawyers from Mexico, Missouri, lent their expertise to Missouri Military Academy's (MMA) Life Skills classes on April 15 and 16. Mary, a member of the MMA Board of Trustees, joined her husband, Paul, in enlightening cadets about the legal complexities awaiting them as they transition into adulthood.

Led by MMA instructor Chris Schafer ’89, the Life Skills curriculum goes beyond traditional academics, offering cadets a comprehensive toolkit for navigating adulthood. With a focus on practical skills ranging from household tasks to financial literacy, the class incorporates guest speakers to provide real-world insights. Learn more about the Life Skills class.

“Our cadets’ 360° Education at MMA encompasses so many important areas for their holistic development and future success, and we are grateful for the Seigfreids’ and other local professionals' support in educating our cadets through our Life Skills class,” says MMA President Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci, USA (Ret). “Mary’s role as a trustee has been invaluable in contributing to our Academy’s success, and we appreciate her taking time to share her expertise with our cadets in the classroom as well.”

Mary Seigfreid has served on the MMA Board of Trustees since 2016. 

During the sessions, cadets gained a deeper understanding of the legal landscape they will face upon turning 18. While familiar with basic rights like voting and military enlistment, they explored lesser-known responsibilities and consequences associated with adulthood.

Key topics included entering binding contracts, financial regulations, organ donation, and the serious repercussions of underage drinking and driving. The Seigfreids delved into legal aspects of marriage, parenthood, and the importance of prenuptial agreements, clarifying concepts such as common law marriages and property division.

Life Skills teacher Chris Schafer ’89 with Mary and Paul Seigfreid.

Cadets also received guidance on estate planning, real estate transactions and interactions with law enforcement. They learned about their rights and obligations when encountering police officers, gaining valuable knowledge on maintaining composure and adhering to legal protocol.

Through the expertise of the Seigfreids, cadets had a unique opportunity to grasp essential legal concepts in a supportive environment. MMA’s proactive approach to Life Skills education underscores its commitment to preparing young adults for the challenges and responsibilities of independent life.

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