Cadets Showcase Superior Leadership and Discipline in 2024 JROTC Accreditation Inspection

Cadets Showcase Superior Leadership and Discipline in 2024 JROTC Accreditation Inspection

The 135th Missouri Military Academy Corps of Cadets, led by Cadet Battalion Commander Bradley Thumbi '24, successfully executed the 2024 Army Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) Program of Accreditation (JPA) on 26 April.

Missouri Military Academy cadet battalion staff on the steps of Stribling Hall

The 2023-24 cadet battalion staff stands on the steps of Stribling Hall.

U.S. Army Cadet Command requires MMA to undergo this inspection every three years, but MMA voluntarily chooses to participate in annual inspections to encourage and maintain consistently high standards within the corps.

According to  MMA President Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci, USA (Ret), the annual JPA inspection ensures that the Academy meets the standards for Army JROTC and upholds its military educational model’s emphasis structure, self-discipline, personal responsibility, and accountability to help cadets reach their full potential.

“Our Army JROTC program is a leadership program integrated into every aspect of MMA life,” Geraci said. "The annual JPA inspection holds us accountable and validates that we maintain the highest standards."

CPT Joseph Balvanz, who leads the MMA JROTC Department, adds the end-of-year JPA is a symbolic right of passage for the entire corps.

The JPA Inspection is a formal and comprehensive assessment for the Academy’s Army JROTC programs. It includes assessments in the following categories: Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP), Service Learning Project (SLP), Unit Report, Cadet Portfolios, and Instructor Portfolios. JPA also includes uniform and room inspections and testing of cadets' required knowledge based on their Leadership Education Training (LET) level.  

Balvanz praised the cadets for their hard work in preparation for the JPA. Observed by cadre and cadets from the University of Missouri Senior ROTC program, this year's CIP and SLP briefings revolved around improving the back-campus land navigation course and the Christmas Child program.

"All cadet rooms were inspected, and then the corps participated in a battalion-wide in-ranks inspection. Finally, representatives of the Fusileers drill team performed admirably for the platoon drill and color guard portions of the event," Balvanz said. "The 135th MMA Corps of Cadets, led by Cadet LTC Bradley Thumbi, represented the JROTC program at MMA in outstanding fashion again this year."

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Missouri Military Academy cadet leaders ready to present report for JROTC JPA

MMA cadet leaders gather in the Stribling Hall Board Room with President Geraci, CPT Balvanz and representatives from the University of Missouri Senior ROTC program to present their CIP and SLP.

Below, photos from the inspection of the corps in the fieldhouse and barracks room inspections.

Missouri Military Academy cadets present the colors during JROTC JPA
ROTC member inspects Missouri Military Academy corps of cadets
Missouri Military Academy cadet is inspected by ROTC
Missouri Military Academy JROTC room inspection
Missouri Military Academy cadet salutes


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