Noteworthy Alumni in the Field of Entertainment – Jesús Guzmán ’85

Having the longest running standup comedy show in México is notable enough, but Jesús Guzmán ’85 can now add late night television show host to his resumé. 

En La Luna con Jesús Guzmán launched in February 27, 2020 with Sony Channel after Guzmán developed and gained a following for the show on his own through YouTube. The show is the fulfillment of a long-time goal for the Missouri Military Academy alumnus and adds to his long list of accomplishments in the entertainment industry. 

Throughout his career, he has served as a television writer, actor and talk show host; radio personality, voice actor and DJ; writer; producer; and translator for Broadway adaptations in México.  

To name a few of his popular works: Guzmán wrote the Spanish adaptation of the film Don Gato and his Pandilla; was a dubbing actor in several animated films and series, including El Chavo AnimadoCars 2 and Los Muppets. His standup comedy show at the Fat Crow has been running every Saturday night for the past eight years.  

While Guzmán’s love for comedy was fostered by his mother and uncle at an early age, it was further encouraged as a Missouri Military Academy cadet by his fellow MMA brothers.  

But MMA offered him more than just comedic exposure – it promoted his growth as a self-reliant, social young man that would ultimately have the skills and grit to make it through the challenges of the entertainment industry.  

“I learned to be by myself, solve my problems without daddy and mommy to help me out, and I learned independence,” Guzmán said. “I was also a very shy boy at the time when I went to the Academy, I learned to open up and to make friends. That is very valuable to me in my life.”  

According to Guzmán, succeeding at MMA was a lot like succeeding in the entertainment industry – that what you work hard for and the challenges you overcome are what you appreciate most, what defines your character and what make you stronger in the long run. 

Watch the video below to hear about Guzmán’s success and the impact his MMA education had on his life.  

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