Instructions to Schedule a Parent-Teacher Conference

Step 1: Login. After you log in, you will see a screen to enter your cadet’s student ID and birthday.

Step 2: Review availability. At the next screen, you will find a color coded schedule to show the availability for each of your child's teachers and academic advisor. If you have more than one cadet enrolled, please add the additional boy's information on this screen to see all availability, for ease of scheduling.

Step 3: Schedule appointment. Click a box to reserve an appointment on a teacher's schedule. Click "Create Appointment" to finalize your conference schedule.

Step 4: Set reminder. The next screen enables you to set up appointment reminders. If you would like to be sent a reminder, click the box “I would like a reminder emailed to me prior to my appointment.” You will have to select the number of days you would like this reminder sent prior to your appointment. You will also have the option to add this appointment to your calendar.

If you have any questions, please contact the Academic Department at 573-581-1776, ext. 421.

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