In Memory of Larry Anthony (1956-2022), valued MMA staff member for 37 years

The Missouri Military Academy Corps of Cadets, faculty and staff gathered on front campus on Wednesday, March 16 to remember and honor Mr. Larry Anthony. Larry was a valued member of the Academy for 37 years, serving faculty, staff and cadets through his work in the maintenance department. He passed away on Feb. 8, 2022.

“Larry was a selfless individual who did everything possible to support staff, faculty and cadets,” said MMA President Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci, USA (Ret). “He was a wonderful example for every employee at the Academy and had an impeccable work ethic. He will truly be missed.”

MMA was honored to have the Anthony family in attendance as the corps paid tribute with a special formation in his memory. He was married for 37 years to Nancy Smith, and they had one son, Justin Anthony (Crystal), of Mexico and two daughters, Regina Smith, of Mexico, and Stephanie Anthony, of the Lake of the Ozarks. Please read full obituary here.

During the memorial formation, MMA Director of Facilities Bernard Strunk reflected on the positive impact Larry had upon the Academy, cadets, faculty and staff.

“From the Canteen to the Old Alamo and from A Barracks to Barnard Hall, Larry’s fingerprints could be seen in the jobs and projects that were part of his responsibilities. However, it is not the physical plant that is Larry’s legacy, because buildings fade and new ones come. His legacy is impressed in the hearts of the faculty and staff whom he served and the cadets he worked around.

For Larry, being at MMA was more than a paycheck. He truly enjoyed being a part of something lasting, something bigger than himself. He contributed his skills and talents toward the greater success of the Academy and her cadets. Fellow staff became family as close as his own kin, and it was in taking care of that MMA family that Larry truly excelled. It seemed that he would spend his day working on the tasks assigned to him but would be ready to return when called to take care of issues in “his building” — and Barnard Hall was his building.

For years Larry had worked across campus zipping here and there to fix doors, windows, and lockboxes. When Barnard Hall was completed, it became his to take care of. He saw to it that those who spent their days there had what they needed to fulfill their jobs. Whether it was helping with a whiteboard or the fix of a broken desk, Larry became their go-to guy to get things done. Because of this, the faculty trusted and depended on him and strong bonds of friendship were formed.

Though Larry took care of business, he did not care for the accolades and recognition that came with a job well done. He would strategically plan his vacations during those recognition times, or he would take the day off to mow his grass to avoid any chance of being honored. The limelight was not for Larry. His reward came in helping others. He was happy to be the force behind the scenes solving problems and doing what was needed for someone else’s success.

Ultimately it is in the lives of the cadets where Larry’s indelible mark can be found. Larry had a heart for the lonely, the underdog, and the little ones. He would speak with them to encourage them on their journey at MMA. Not as an authority figure or part of their chain of command but as a friend with a ready ear to listen. He took a genuine interest in what they were experiencing and tried to help where he could. He would support other cadets and classes with materials and labor so they could be successful with a science fair exhibit or classroom project.

Nowhere were his efforts and support seen more than in MMA’s art program. He invested countless hours of his personal time toward the success of this program and the cadets in it. He built storage solutions for their classroom. He built frames, easels, and collected materials for cadet projects. He came after his own workday had ended to continue his support of the cadets and the art they created. He was the force behind getting their creations out of the classroom to a place where it could be enjoyed by all. The investment of his time, his talents, and his treasure showed to all his dedication to the cadets of the art program.”

The MMA school colors flew at half-mast on Wednesday, March 16 in his honor. If you would like to make a gift to MMA in his memory, please click here and select the box to specify your gift is “In Memory/Honor of” and provide Larry’s name.

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