Alumni Advice: How did your MMA education impact your future?

“It gave me the self-discipline and confidence to put myself through college and be successful in my careers. It taught me that anything of value is not given - it is earned through hard work. I learned at MMA to invest in myself.” – Chris Schafer ’89  

“The structure and discipline were and are key to everything I do.” – Chris Gentry ’88  

“At MMA I learned about self-discipline; I learned to so the job right the first time. The Old Colonel (CRS Jr.) was fond of saying, "Take care of the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves." This was and is very sage advice. I learned to take pride in the things that I have accomplished, and at the same time, how to be humble. MMA was a most important factor in making me the individual that I am today.” – George F. Davison, Jr. ’68  

“My outlook toward life. Discipline to accomplish tasks. Critical Thinking Skills. Knowing you belong and earned it!!” –Richard Cooper ’82  

“I learned how to learn.” – Jim Edmonston ’72 

“I believe that self-discipline and excellent study habits attained at MMA, along with leadership potentials really helped me after graduation.” – Larry G. Mrazek ’51  

“MMA completely changed my personal trajectory. It strengthened me in ways to profound to define. No obstacle has been too challenging to overcome.” – Jeffrey G Kannegiesser ’88  

“It helped immensely when I became a West Point cadet.” – Jack R. Logan ’48  

“It set a platform to move into the next stage of your education, career and life preparedness.” – Francisco A Sierra ’58  

“You will always be one step ahead and above anybody. Your standard is way above others.” – Paul Petit ’85  

“At first I did not value what I had gotten but as I matured I realized the great opportunity my parents blessed me with and was able to apply what I learned to lead in business and move up the chain.” – Tony Giuliani ’88  

“The discipline, structure, and how to prioritize where skills and lessons learned at MMA that have carried me through my collegian years as well as my professional path. I am certain it is a common fact among countless of my MMA brothers.”  – Jesus E. Soriano ’82  

“MMA impacted my future in ways I never imagined. Not just the schooling part, but the discipline part. It taught me to organize my life, and to "Man Up" to my mistakes,” – Douglas Evans ’73  

“I use the lessons from MMA every day. When I am tempted to slack off, I ask myself, "Is this the example I want to set for my children and my colleagues at work?" Shine your shoes. Stand up straight. Look others in the eye. People notice little things like that, and you'll earn more respect and opportunities because of it.” – Dean Davison ’78  

“I learned how to write well under CR Stribling, Jr. It's helped me throughout my life.” – Thomas A. Berry ’59  

“It was the foundation that made my life what it is. I am 86 and still going strong.”  – James Caviness ’50  

“What I do now started in MMA physics class. My confidence grew in MMA in a very important way too.” – Jose Garcia ’78  

“It opened the door to a lifetime career of writing and exploring thanks to the influence of both Colonels Stribling.”  – David Cupp Whitney ’54  

“I learned a few skills which have stayed with me.” – Robert George Wilson V ’69   

“Gave me an appreciation for the chain of command.” – John Roeder ’58  

“Learned self-discipline and stayed with me all my life.” – Dallas Tohill ’62  

“Small classes and excellent instructors provided me with a quality of education, not often found at a high school level. Moreover, the military training has given me a clear understanding and appreciation for the need of discipline and good organization.” – Benny Rossi ’57  

“Enabled me think for myself and reach and surpass my goals” – Raymond Zimmerman ’61  

“It taught me that discipline and respect goes a long way in dealing with what life can throw at you. If you want something bad enough, you will have to work hard for it. Don't give up if you hit an obstruction. Work over it or around it.” – Ronald Baran ’60  

“Oh yes it did I would have hard to hire without the MMA polish would never have gotten the job,” – Warren R. Stone ’58  

“MMA gave me the opportunity to finish High School. Without that incentive, I would never have finished HS, gone to College nor achieved two Masters Degrees and a successful career in the Army as a Commissioned Officer and a Helicopter Pilot.”  – LTC USA (Ret) Paul Gillette, Sr. '72

“I started out to go to college for engineering but lost that desire when I saw something else. I liked the new challenge and pursued it as any cadet would. I succeeded, going from wanting to be an engineer to eventually retiring as a Las Vegas Police Fatal Detective, which believe it or not deals with a lot of engineering and physics which I am glad I paid attention to at MMA.” – Richard Hart ’70  

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