Having Fun Celebrating Middle School Cadets Progress in Science and Robotics

On Wednesday, March 4, 2020, MMA faculty member Jessica Miller presented special awards to celebrate her middle school cadets' progress in science and robotics and to create a light-hearted break at mid-term for the cadets.

"The awards were based on some accomplishments that I noted throughout the marking period as well as changes that cadets have made," said Miller. "I think it is important to celebrate our cadets and make each and every one of them feel special in some way!"

1st Period, Science

  • Dallas Grantz, The Microscope Awards: Being Detail-oriented
  • Santino McGee, The Potential Energy Award: Has a lot of potential 
  • Landon Kjolhede, The Earth’s Layers Award: Has many different layers to their personality
  • Emerald Sylve, The Galaxy Award: Has big ideas 

2nd Period Science

  • William Fogarty, The Computer Science Award: Savvy with technology
  • Alexander Coile, The Aurora Borealis Award: Gifted artist 
  • William Delaplane, The Earth’s Layers Award: Has many different layers to their personality
  • Rodrigo Flores Pavon, The Sirius A Award: Superstar performer 
  • Zhixuan Liu, The Cytoskeleton Award: Always supportive of their friends 
  • Landon Meyer, The X-Ray Award: Believes it is what is on the inside that counts and that you shouldn’t judge based on appearance (Meaning, his work isn't always neat, but he does an amazing job answering questions with detail!)
  • Connor Moore, The Acoustics Award: Loves to listen to music 
  • Kai Passmore, The Periodic Table Award: Work is always neat and in perfect order 
  • Timothy Varley, The Potential Energy Award: Has a lot of potential 
  • Zijie Zhou, The Geology Award: Always produces solid work 


  • Miles Matthews, The Albert Einstein Award: Problem-solver and a thinker 
  • Adan Pierce, The Telecommunication Award: Makes a lot of connections with people 
  • Sean Silva, The Zoology Award: Loves animals 
  • Lincoln Sledzianowski, The Isaac Newton Award: Active and always on the move 
  • Zachary Sturgeon, The Engineering Award: Loves learning through hands-on experiences 
  • Emerald Sylve, The Compound Award: Works well with others 
  • Angelo Urdaneta, The Nucleus Award: Classroom leader
  • TJ Varley, The Magnetism Award: Positive personality that attracts others   

Not Pictured

  • Cameron Wandler, The Sound Wave Award: Gifted in music


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