President Geraci Featured in Mission: Readiness Spotlight

"No matter how the world changes, certain basic elements of a sound society remain the same. Among the most important of these elements, the education of young people in our communities has and always will be an investment in our future ... The pandemic has revealed with painful clarity how important education and access to basic resources are. We will see detrimental, long-term effects to our society if we do not address the needs of our children."


Missouri Military Academy President Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci, USA (Ret) was recently featured in a Mission: Readiness member spotlight. Part of the Council for a Strong America, Mission: Readiness brings together retired admirals and generals who are dedicated to strengthening national security by ensuring kids stay in school, stay fit, and stay out of trouble.

Since 2009, Mission: Readiness has championed evidence-based, bipartisan state and federal public policy solutions that are proven to prepare our youth for life and to be able to serve their nation in any way they choose.

"Education in America today is not limited to academics — our schools provide essential intellectual, physical and emotional development for our children," says President Geraci in the member spotlight. "Every child deserves this opportunity to understand and achieve his or her potential. Watching our young men flourish in their time at the Academy, I am conscious of how many students in our country today lack the basic fundamentals they need for their full development – particularly now, during the COVID-19 pandemic,"

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