Fusileer Drill Team Emerges as Overall Champion in First Competition of 2021-22 Season

The MMA Fusileer Drill Team competed in their first competition of the 2021-22 academic year at Ozark High School on Saturday, Dec. 4. The team emerged as overall champions on the day, garnering seven first place trophies.

For many of the Colonels team members, the trip to Ozark was their first taste of a drill competition, according to Coach Rick Dehlinger. The team heightened their practices the week prior to event, drilling three times a day. On Saturday, they started with a very early reveille at 0215 in order to arrive at Ozark HS around 0615. After arrival and unloading the trailer, the cadets’ first competition was at 0815. 

Missouri Military Academy Drill Team Trophies

The results from the Dec. 4, 2021 Ozark High School competition are as follows:

Individual Drilldown (150 cadets participated in the Ozark individual drilldown competition) 

  • 7th place, Cadet Aaron Huynh
  • 10th place, Cadet Michael Machary-Pagan


  • Armed Solo Exhibition: 2nd place, Cadet Yu-Jen Tong
  • Armed Dual Exhibition: 1st place, Cadets Yu-Jen Tong and Brennan Williams 1st place


  • Armed Regulation: 1st place
  • Armed Color Guard: 1st place
  • Armed Exhibition: 1st place
  • Armed New Cadet: 1st place


  • Unarmed Regulation: 7th place
  • Unarmed Color Guard: 1st place
  • Unarmed Color Guard: 1st place
  • Unarmed Exhibition: 3rd place


  • Overall Champion: MMA
Missouri Military Academy Fusileer Drill Team
Missouri Military Academy Fusileers Drill Team Trophy


List of participating cadets on the Ozark HS trip:

  • Michael Machary-Pagan
  • René Garcia Garza
  • Gorka-Aitor Yarte-Zertuche
  • Jingxuan Yan
  • Ezekiel Richardson
  • Zijie Zhou
  • Gage Blanton
  • Agustin Anaya Cisneros
  • Gabriel Iglesias Osorio
  • Michael Henderson
  • Domingo Holguin
  • Bradley Thumbi
  • Isaac Krentz
  • Nathaniel Laughlin
  • Mason Ruckman
  • Walter Farley
  • Duane Thompson
  • Sebastian Valdes Barreto
  • Edwards B
  • Edwards C
  • Preston Vo
  • River Punab-Mitchell
  • Kruze Hagan
  • Damian Moore
  • Patricio Regis
  • Yu-Jen Tong
  • Kellan Mugisha
  • Angelo Urdaneta
  • Samuel Way
  • Gerardo Quiroga
  • Diego Pineda
  • Luis Orozco Navarro
  • Alan Salazar De la Paz
  • Kamil Sanchez De Ovando Pérez
  • Patricio Sanchez Berentsen
  • Aaron Huynh
  • Matthew Hallam
  • Brennan Williams
  • Ishimwe Noble
  • Lucas Sydlewski
Missouri Military Academy Drill Team

The Fusileers have been a staple of MMA’s excellence in military leadership, structure, discipline and class. Cadets compete in different classifications in each of the following divisions: Armed Regulation Drill, Unarmed Regulation Drill, Armed Color Guard, Unarmed Color Guard, Armed Exhibition, and Unarmed Exhibition.

At the 2021 National High School Drill Team Competition (NHSDTC) — competing in the US Army Drill National Championship and the All Service Drill National Championship — MMA's Fusileer Drill Team placed first in the nation in Armed Regulation at the All Service Nationals Master Level and first in the nation for Armed Color Guard for both the All Service Nationals Master Level and the US Army Drill National Championship.


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